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 General Jadeite: (Ready for Review)

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PostSubject: General Jadeite: (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:22 pm

Character Profile:

Character Name: Jadeite
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 17, July 15th
Used Canons:
manga, crystal, and PGSM
Jadeite is a beautiful man. His looks captures the hearts of all the ladies. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. Out of the Shitennou he is the shortest. He stands about 5'6. Jadeite wears a whiteish gray uniform with blue piping on it. He also wears a pair of white gloves and black boots. His formal uniform is white with golden piping, brown pants, and a brown cape, and brown boots.  He does not wear any gloves. In his civilian clothes he wears beat up T-shits or polos (if he has to dress nice) shirts with jeans. He either wears sneakers or flip flops. 

Jadeite can be a jerk. He is very arrogant and tends to look down on others. Jadeite will cut his act if you earn his respect and if you respect him. Once you gain that respect Jadeite will treat you with kindness and loyalty. He can be hotheaded and reckless. At times he can be serious, but will tease people every now then with sarcastic remarks. He has no care in the world which reflects in his clothing. He will only dress nicely if he has too. Jadeite is a huge flirt. He uses his good looks and charm to his advantage. When Jadeite likes a girl, he becomes fluster and gets embarrassed too easily. When he tries to impress the girl, he looks likes a total goofball. His main interests is attracting all the pretty girls and being a bum.  

He is often seen as the middle child of shintennou seeing how he's a year older than Zoisite. It annoys him to no end that he is over shadowed by the other shitennou. He tries his best to stand out by using his charm and wit. Despite that he loves the other shintennou like brothers. He has great respect for them all. He is the closest to Nephrite. The two team up a lot to pick on Zoisite which gets him into trouble Kunzite a lot. He doesn't dare to pick on Zoisite when Kunzite is around. He also views Endymion/Mamoru as a brother. Jadeite is very loyal to him and will do anything for him. Like with Zoisite, Nephrite and him team up together to tease Endymion/Mamoru. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
He is a natural charmer. When he wants something, he'll just charm his way into a person's heart. Jadeite is also good at his disguising himself and hiding himself since he's so short. In addition, he is great on his feet to due his short height. It allows him to be agile and dodge attacks because of this he's best at fighting with his fists. 

Jadeite was born to one of the four Kings of Terra. At young age his father took him to the celebration of the birth of Prince Endymion. His father gotten to an heated argument when the other three Kings of Terra arrived with their sons. The argument rose when the idea of bringing their own son was not original. Old wounds were open and the argument didn't end until Helios, the high priest of Elysian stepped in.  His solution was to have sons be raised as a guardian for Prince Endymion. The kings anger toward each other demised knowing that their sons would be honored and well respected. Helios then suggested for the kings' sons to return to Elysian at the age of five (Kunzite was an exception to this since he was already of age ).

At the age of five Jadeite returned to Elysian to live with the three other Kings' sons, Nephrite, Kunzite, and Jadeite. He also lived with Prince Endymion. The five boys took classes together both academically and in combat once they got older. They formed a tight bond and did everything together. The five boys would explore the palace grounds, play pranks on the palace staff, and play games together. As Jadeite grew older he found himself quite attractive and noticed that he could catch the eye of several ladies. He used his good looks to charm his way into their hearts to get anything his desire. Him and the other boys would use this to their advantage to get the palace maids to agree to cover for them while they sneaked out. He also found himself performing well in combat training. He was a quick learned out of the other boys and took great pride in that. Jadeite eventually grew arrogant. His arrogance would annoy the other shittenou and Prince Endymion. Every once in awhile Kunzite would smack in him in the head to remind him of his place. 

As the Shittenou and the prince grew older tension was forming when their prince was seeing Princess Serenity. Like other Shittenou Jadeite grew very suspicious about their prince's relationship with the moon princess. Their suspicion grew bigger when they met a woman name Beryl. She used their mixed emotions against them and was able to convinced Jadeite and the others to join her side to conquer the Moon Kingdom. On the night of attack of the Moon Kingdom Jadeite and the others met their demise when Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal. The power of the crystal caused Jaditie's and the other Shittenous' souls to be sealed inside stones. Years later Jadeite found himself awaken by Beryl and she brainwashed him into working for the Dark Kingdom. He served her by stealing energy from humans and searched for the Silver Crystal. Jadeite was eventually killed by Queen Beryl for his failures to kill the Sailor Senshi. Later during the final battle of the Dark Kingdom Zoisite and the other shittenou were revived and returned to being stones once again and throughout the years Mamoru calls upon his spirit for advice.     

RP Sample:

After school, Jadeite was wondering around the streets of Tokyo. It annoyed him to no end that Kunzite nagged him from not being apart of a club at school. To avoid his nagging he decided to take a stroll before dinner time. As he was walking he noticed a group of teenage of girls standing in front of a movie theater. He just smirked and walked over to him. Jadeite then flashed them a nice smile and he melted into their hearts already. However there was girl in the group that did not fall for his smile. She just crossed her arms and gave him a scowled. Jadeite noticed her was and taken back from her actions. He then got a good look of her. She had long black hair and blue eyes. She looked familiar to him for some reason. He was going to talk to the group of girls, but he felt like this girl wouldn't let him. So Jadeite just moved along and decided it was time to go home. As he walking he looked back at the girls. That one girl.... Why did he feel like he knew her?

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PostSubject: Re: General Jadeite: (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:32 pm


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General Jadeite: (Ready for Review)

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