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 Guardian: Artemis (Ready for Review)

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PostSubject: Guardian: Artemis (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:15 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Artemis
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown
Used Canons:
Anime and Manga 
Artemis has two forms a human being and a cat. In his cat form he has white fur and green eyes. He slightly bigger for a male cat. He also has a yellow crescent moon on his forehead. In his human form he has long white hair that reaches to his butt. He stands at six foot and is well built. He's thin, but has muscles. He has a fair skin tone and green eyes. On the center of his forehead he has a yellow crescent moon. He wears a white long sleeve turtle neck shirt which a cresent shape hole reveals apart of his chest and a circle shape hole shows his belly button. He also wears a pair of white pants. His shirt and pants are attach to each other with white straps. He also wears a pair of white dress shoes.

Artemis is very critical and take his job as a guardian seriously. During the times of battle Artemis is very quiet and is always thinking about the senshi's next move. He is very smart and a good adviser to Minako and the other girls. He is quick on his feet and always willing to jump into battle when the situation calls for him. At times he can be a bit of a nag especially to Minako about her senshi duties. He can come off as sarcastic and blunt. Also he can be overly emotional and can develop a emotional attachment to a person that he loves. Artemis a bit of a klutz and is often gets teased at by Luna and Minako. He has a bit of a temper and will throw tantrums if no one will take him seriously. Artemis has a bit of an ego and takes pride in his guardian duties. Artemis can be a bit of a goofball and likes to joke around with Luna which usually ends up with him getting scratched on the face. 

Out of the Inner Senshi Artemis is the closet to Minako. They have a deep bond and have a brother and sister relationship. He refers to her as Mina. Artemis always watches over her and encourages her to purse her dream of becoming an idol. His dream is for her to find true happiness. He always corrects Minako when she tries use proverbs or sayings. 

As a father and husband to Luna and Diana he is over protective. He cares deeply for his family and will do anything for them. He often finds himself trying to prove himself to Luna seeing how she always teases him. Artemis tries his best guide Diana into the right direction seeing how she is innocent and naive. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
Artemis has the ability to shape shift. Like Luna he can make objects for the senshi to appear out of thin air. He is intelligent and good with computers.  He can speak like a cat and human languages.  
During the Silver Millennium Artemis was born on the planet Mau. The people of Mau are well known for being good advisers. Royalties from different universes come to Mau to hire their advisers. One day Queen Serenity from the Moon Kingdom came to Mau searching for an adviser. The King of Mau suggested her to look at Luna and Artemis and Queen Serenity spent some time with them and was impressed with their skills. She ended up hiring them both and had them move to the Moon Kingdom. Artemis and Luna worked together with advising the Queen and her daughter Serenity. They also looked after princess's four guardians. Artemis form a closed bond with the guradians' leader, Sailor Venus. Overtime Artemis and Luna became quite close and eventually fell in love with each other. However they felt their duties to the queen were more important then starting a relationship. During the fall of the Moon Kingdom Queen Serenity order Artemis and Luna to stay out of the way. They watched the battle from afar and when they couldn't stand it anymore they rushed off to help. They ended up finding Queen Serenity in her final moment. Artemis and Luna watched her seal away Queen Mettilla and the Dark Kingdom. When Queen Serenity was on her last breath, she asked Artemis and Luna to watched out over her daughter and her guardians if the Dark Kingdom return during their new life. Both cats agreed and the Silver Crystal put them under a deep sleeping spell.  

Artemis was the first to awaken when the seal over the Dark Kingdom was broken. He searched for Sailor Venus first seeing how she was leader of the senshi. After setting up his base in the Jubann's arcade center, he discovered her reincarnation, Minako Aino. He awaken her, but as Sailor V to train her for her future duties as the leader of the senshi. When Minako's memories of the past returned, he was able to grant her the powers of Sailor Venus. The two them then reunited with Luna who was busy finding the other senshi. Once the Inner team was form Luna and Artemis worked together in guiding the girls. 

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Artemis likes to read up on proverbs that way he can always correct Minako. He likes tuna. Artemis is a bit of a hopeless romantic. He also enjoys doing research with Luna and Ami.

RP Sample:

Artemis found himself pacing and back and forth on Minako's windowsill. It's been almost three days and he hasn't heard a word from Luna. He went looking for her at their usual hang out spots. He even checked to see if she was in Usagi's room, but there was no sign of her! He was worried sick seeing how there was a strange attacks in the park and near a law firm. What if she got caught up in that? What if she was hurt? Oh, how he wish he could talk to Minako, but he had to keep his word. The girls cannot remember the past. He would just have to search for her one more time. Artemis jumped off the windowsill and left Minako's room. 

Down in the kitchen's back door there was a dog door. Minako's father installed it so Artemis could come and go as he pleased. He went through the tiny door and hurried off to find Luna. He searched high and low throughout the city. Artemis spent the whole night searching for her and he was getting tired. When the sun was rising, he decided to check Usagi's place one more time. He jumped the girl's bedroom windowsill and saw Luna!! She was asleep on Usagi's bed as she was getting ready for school. Usagi noticed Artemis and let him.

"Good to see you Mr. Kitty," the blond spoke to him in a cheerful voice. She has seen Artemis hang out with Luna around the house quite often. She liked to think them as a couple. "Here to see your girlfriend?" Artemis just mew at her and jumped into the room. He watched Usagi finished getting ready and when she left, he jumped on to her bed.

"Luna," he spoke softly shaking her with his paw. "Please wake up!"

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PostSubject: Re: Guardian: Artemis (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:33 pm


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Guardian: Artemis (Ready for Review)

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