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 Xareth Guardian Of Chaos Goddess of Creation

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PostSubject: Xareth Guardian Of Chaos Goddess of Creation   Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:11 am

Name:Xareth, Xare only to Kai. 





Physical Appearance: When in his human form Xareth is about 6'2". He has hair the same color as Kai's and his eyes match hers as well, only mirrored. His skin is a mocha color and he is built. His horns are smaller in his human form that in his demon form, only curving back about 6 inches from his forehead. 

In his demon form Xareth stands around 7 feet tall. His skin is the color of molten gold and lava, that is always moving just under the surface of his skin. His eyes and hair still match Kai's. His wings are very large bat like wings, that are barbed on the ends. His hands sport long almost talon like nails. His legs are structured like a gargoyles (the disney show) thus allowing for talons off his heels and toes. 


Xareth's only soft spot is Kai. He is usually hard and very protective of the once shattered goddess. He is untrusting of everyone till he knows that they mean Kai no harm. He is loving and kind to Kai, he will do anything for her. She is like his little sister despite her being older. 

When resting or needing to be more desecrate than Xareth can usually be, he takes the form of a Dragon or phoenix tattoo on Kai. Usually across her chest above her breasts, or across her upper back and down her arms. When in his tattoo form he can move around a little. 


When Kai was shattered she came to rest in the pantheon of his gods. They not knowing what to do with the new found shattered goddess, assigned Xareth to protect and care of the child goddess. Xareth was made to bond with the child goddess, and their hearts and souls joined. 

At first he hated the assignment and didn't do his job correctly. He got drunk and while he was under the influence, his charge, Kai, was killed. After being punished for his lack of action, he was told that she lived still, reborn a mortal. He was to go a find her,and he could not return home till he found, guided, protected and made whole the shattered goddess. 

Xareth set out on his journey and over the many mortal lives that Kai lived he grew to love and care of the goddess. He helped her find her shattered self and become the Goddess of Creation she was always meant to be. 

His thinking changed in Kai's 3rd life. He fell in love with a mortal girl and to them was born Kai. When the goddess he was meant to protect became his child, he changed his way of thinking. Since that life she has been the center of his world and he will follow her were ever she may go. 

Additional Information: Optional

Copied From Kai's just in case i forgot something. 

Kai is accompanied by a deamon guardian named, Xareth. Xareth's race of deamon is bound to the one they are to protect through eternity, and can at times take the shape of a tattoo on their charges body. Xareth's race are the protectors of Gods and Goddesses. Xareth stands around 6'5 and most of the time looks like a normal man with shoulder length white hair that is usually diyed to match Kais. He has bat wings, that fit his body. When he is full demon mode his body is gold and red swirling marble, and his eyes, while normally a deep shade of green matching the right eye of Kai, turn to a gold and red swirling mess. 

Kai and Xareth are bound together through the ages. The tattoo shape that Xareth takes when on Kai's body is that of a phoenix. He usually is a big chest piece as a reminder to well everyone that she and he are together, but he is more like her big brother than a lover. Xareth or Xare to Kai, dotes on the great goddess. (they are a matched pair, always together and fighting to be so when apart.)

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PostSubject: Re: Xareth Guardian Of Chaos Goddess of Creation   Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:34 pm


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Xareth Guardian Of Chaos Goddess of Creation

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