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 Jezabelle Teague

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PostSubject: Jezabelle Teague   Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:10 am

Name: Jezabelle Teague, Jezi to her friend, Captain to her crew

Gender: female

Race: Demi goddess, her mother was a river goddess other wise human, pirate mostly

Age: roughly 25 

Birthplace: open seas, on a boat somewhere off the Atlantic.

Physical Appearance: 
standing around 5 foot 7 Jezi sports long hair(usually dyed red or dark auburn), that unless dyed to match her twin brother's, would be ocean blue. She lets her hair fall in its natural ringlets, around her shoulders and body. She is fit in build and can only be found weaving zones if she is ashore. Her attire varies depending on the kind of work she a
has to do. when she on the ship she wears pants and a close fitting vest top, when  ashore depending on the reason  to go ashore, she might wear a red delete get up, featuring a loosing fitting black top(think pirate top and you got it), a close fitting corset style vest top and skirt that she pins up in the front all but the shirt are made of red velvet (she got it "on sale") on other occasion Jezi will wear her pants, loose fitting white shirt and a close fitting vest top, similar to the one she wears on the ship.
Her head is usually home to a black bandana to keep her hair out of her face, and a tricorn hat with gold trim and  red feather. If she's wearing shoes usually tall knee or thigh high black leather boots. She has a set that laces up the sides she rather fond of. None of her boots sport a heel, since she wants to be able to get away in a hurry.

The pirate captain's eyes are a deeps sea blue-green that change on occasion with her mood. She is tan from her time out at sea. 

Image for the reading impaired : 

Jezi is a fun loving gal, who feels she should have the finer things in life, and she take those fine things from those that have too much already. She has an unwavering sense of honesty for a pirate and will not take from normal people. She always speaks her mind and is quick to defend others. She believes that a person is not their family nor are the entirely their past but the actions they preform and the way they are now. She lives very much in the moment and finds that planning a head is not her strongest suite. She isn't complete foolish or brash but these traits are among hers. She is strong and confidant and she is always fair to her crew, even doing her own time in the crow's nest and among the rigging, with her crew. 


Born to a pirate and a river goddess, Jezi and her twin brother Jack spent their entire lives on a boat with a few short bursts on land. The two of them are thick as thieves which they are but that didnt stop them from going their separate ways when the time came. Jezi is still protective of her brother and does her best to keep him out of trouble. She was 16 when she took command of her ship, The Red Dragon, a deep red ship with matching sails and a dragon at rest figurehead. Shortly after she took command there was a mutiny among the crew and they proceeded to try and take the ship from her, thinking that she was just a little girl. While Jezi mother was a river goddess, her uncle was in fact the god of the Oceans Poseidon himself and he had allowed her to have power over the waters in his realm in exchange for a favor she did for him. So with her relatively new power over the waters of the ocean she managed to save herself and keep command of her ship, but she had only a few men to crew it. 

this is where she met Cady her best friend and first mate. Jezi could breath underwater and thus she was trying to fish with little success so she could feed her crew. A mermaid swam by and tired to drown the human in her waters, but it became clear that Jezi could not be drowned. the mermaid let her go but demand to know why she was fishing in her waters. So Jezi explained about the mutiny, the loss of several of her crew and the lack of provisions and the need to feed what was left of her crew till they made port and were able to restock the Dragon. 

The mermaid told Jezi to follow her deeper underwater after hearing her story. The mermaid was named Cady, and her father was the king of the local waters. The king agreed to help Jezi stock her ship for the journey back to the near by port 4 days travel away. Along with provisions clear and clam seas were promised to the pirate in order to help in the trip. 

After thanking the king and making it back to the boat with the provisions Jezi and her small crew set out for the port. Not an hour after they had lifted the anchor, Cady literally jumped onto the deck and shifted her form to that of a human woman, stating very matter of factly that she was now the first mate of this boat. Jezi laughing agreed to the demands of the mermaid and a friendship was born. 

Jezi, Cady and that small crew from then are still together aboard the Dragon. Cady married Jezi's twin and Jezi ended up marring Cady's brother Michael. Jezi is the mother of 12 sets of twins and one set of triplets. while most of her children go off to lead crews of their own or run brothels and bars, only one has truly disappointed his mother. He became a captain of the East India Trading company and, with a heavy heart in the midst of battle Jezi's own sword took the life of her son. His twin took his place and has since been feeding his mother and siblings information on where the company will be so they avoid being caught and killed. 

Jezi still sails the seas something of a sea fairing Robin Hood. 

Additional Information: 
Jezi can control water both fresh and salt. She can breath underwater, change her legs for a fin if needed. She supports her own village of runaways, bastards and other pirates, called Haven. All are welcome in Haven, there is a sign upon entering that says"No Fighting, stealing or killin" these are the only real laws of Haven. It is a very safe and peaceful place where Jezi has raised all her children when they are not at sea.

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PostSubject: Re: Jezabelle Teague   Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:34 pm


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Jezabelle Teague

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