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 Cosplay Cafe Rules and Information

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Chat de la Lune
Cafe Cat
Cafe Cat

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PostSubject: Cosplay Cafe Rules and Information   Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:56 pm

Information about the Cosplay Cafe:
The Cosplay Cafe is a board that allows members to roleplay as their favorite Magical Girl characters in their own storylines. 

The Cosplay Cafe is broken up into four sections:

Table Talk: Here members will talk about potential storylines and on going storylines here. The OOC for all RPS. 
Cosplay Closet: Here members will submit their character profiles for their storylines.
Special Events: Come here to plan event roleplays and participate in them.
Cafe Stage: Here is where the roleplaying will take place! It is broken up into four sections:

  • Noob Cafe-This board is where members may RP without having to make and submit Bios, or storylines. Members can just dive right in and start the fun.
  • Intermediate Cafe- This board is for more advanced role Players. Here you will submit bios for any character that is not canon (ie. OCs or any changes to a canon character, like Luna is a dog or Usagi is mature.) These bios do not need approval before play can begin. Storyline submissions are not necessary for this level of RP. 
  • Pro Cafe- This board is for our most professional RPers. Here Players will submit Bios for all characters, Canon or OC, and Storylines that must be approved by the admin or mod in charge before play can being. 
  • Alternate Universe Cafe: Magical Girl roleplays that take place in alternate universes and crossover roleplays. An example of an alternate universe with Sailor Moon characters: the Senshi are pirates. An example of a crossover roleplay: Sailor Moon meets Pretty Cure.
  • Dreamland Cafe: Non Magical Girl roleplays. Dreamland Cafe Rp will be treated like Intermediate rps. Bios will be needed for OCs and off canon character. (Ie if you change something for a canon character.) Storylines are not necessary for this RP.

Rules for the Cosplay Cafe:
These are subject to change as Luna sees fit.

1. Rules that apply to the site in general apply here as well.

2. Keep it  PG-13. No smut is allowed.

3. Players cannot start their roleplays until their characters are approved by Luna. (This is only for the pro board.)

4. When planning a storyline please place [Planning] in your title of your thread. It allows other players to know that creator(s) are still in the creative process and are seeking other players. When a storyline is ready and all profiles have been approved please place [OOC] in your title.

5.All posts should meet the roleplay word minimum of 50 for Noob, 75 for Intermediate and 100 for Pro.

6. Bios from other sites may be used here. When posting a bio for use here from another site please be sure to let the approving admin or mod know. We do not need to know what other site the bio came from. All other bios should us the form provided or something similar.

7.No Text Talk in the actual roleplay forums. This is things like LOL, BRB, ect. Unless the situation calls for said text talk like the character is texting or in a chat room. The character MAY NOT actually speak in text talk form.  

8.Let your fellow players know when you're going on LOA or unable to post for a certain amount of time.  Ask someone to cover your character or have your character be NPC. 

9.No new boards will be created for roleplays. There are boards set up for the Storylines to be played out in.

10. Keep OOC posts in the OOC threads.

11. No doubling posting unless it's needed to move the plot forward.

11. No Godmodding or Meta Gaming! Here are the definitions for God modding and Meta Gaming:

God Modding: Making one's character god like. They have no limits or boundaries. Examples: Can't be harm or killed by other players' characters. Killing or injuring other players' characters without permission. Using other players' characters without permission.
Meta Gaming: Having your character know about future events that have not occurred yet. As in it's the use of out of game information.

Please Read these rules before starting any rp. Response that you have read them is not necessary. 

If these rules are broken one of the following will happen:

First offense will result in a warning.
2nd in a 5 day ban
3rd in a 10 day ban
and 4th a permanent ban from the Role Play section.
If they can prove that they can follow the rules after a 3 week probation the ban may be lifted if the player was permanently banned. If they break the rules again, they will be banned with out the possibility of the ban being lifted.

Avie By Me. Siggy by Zoey900. Thank You!

Mew Ami's Fourm Wife

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Chat de la Lune
Cafe Cat
Cafe Cat

Posts : 1089
Coffee Beans : 11249
Join date : 2013-10-06
Age : 31
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PostSubject: Re: Cosplay Cafe Rules and Information   Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:34 am


Avie By Me. Siggy by Zoey900. Thank You!

Mew Ami's Fourm Wife

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Cosplay Cafe Rules and Information

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