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 HERED Fighter: Karmic Prince

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PostSubject: HERED Fighter: Karmic Prince   Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:34 am

I'm here to post one of my recent projects I call HERED Fighter: Karmic Prince. If you like Lyrical Nanoha, Code Geass, or MechWarrior, you'll enjoy this. 

For a synopsis:

On the world of Heisei, there lived a benevolent monarchy until it was "liberated" by armed forces launched by the interdimensional Republic of Rospear. The planet easily fell, now renamed the Protectorate of Onze, and everything was stripped of its civilians in attempt to assimilate the populace into its federate system.

More than a decade later, Rebello Makar lives a high school life in realism and clinical pessimism due to his resentment towards the Rosperians. His life changes when he runs into two people: Corda Neoclass, a red-haired royalty-obsessed Rosperian leader of a treasure-hunting and anti-Rosperian resistance group, who has hijacked a container of lost ancient technology. And a white-haired woman servant that escapes from such container, simply named Dove for her ability to voluntarily shapeshift into a white dove. The latter informs Makar's secret Rosperian legacy and who unlocks his Makar's secret powers of HERED, a set of inherited and unique genetically engineered abilities made by the royal family of the ancient Rosperian Dominion. Makar is distrustful of them at first, but he's driven by his desire to avenge his family, who he suspects to have been murdered by the Republic, and make his surviving sister and eventually Corda's dream of making a better world. He joins Corda's resistance group to protect Heisei and its people while launching a war campaign against Rospear.

I'll be posting some info dumps soon for those who are interested.
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HERED Fighter: Karmic Prince

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