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 Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!   Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:55 pm

I'm bored and need something to do, so I'm making a huge questionnaire thing about Pokemon.

I've included the BB code for the below in the spoiler.


Favorite Version: Blue (Nostalgia), Sapphire
Favorite Spinoff Game: Colosseum
Favorite Stadium Mini-Game: Topsy-Turvy
Favorite Pokemon: Totodile
Favorite Starter: Swampert (only cause I already picked  Totodile as my favorite starter)
Favorite Legendary: Jirachi
Least Favorite Pokemon: Watchog, Garchomp.
Favorite Shiny Pokemon: Muk
Favorite Alternate Form: Castform Snowy Form 
Favorite Mega Evolution: Mega Mawile

Favorite of Each Type:
-Normal: Furret
-Grass: Roserade
-Water: Totodile
-Fire: Chimchar
-Electric: Raichu
-Ice: None
-Rock: None
-Ground: Dugtrio (Aside from Swampert)
-Fighting: None
-Flying: Togetic
-Psychic: Espeon
-Dark: Umbreon
-Steel: Mawile
-Dragon: Latias
-Poison: Muk
-Bug: Butterfree
-Fairy: Clefairy, Sylveon

Favorite Region: Hoenn.

Least Favorite Region: Sinnoh.

Favorite Gym Leaders:
-Kanto: Misty
-Johto: None
-Hoenn: Flannery
-Sinnoh: Maylene
-Unova: Iris
-Kalos: Valerie

Favorite Elite Four:
-Kanto: Agatha
-Johto: Koga
-Hoenn: Phoebe
-Sinnoh: Aaron
-Unova: Shauntal
-Kalos: Drasna

Favorite Champion: Steven
Favorite Rival: Blue
Favorite Villainous Team: Team Rocket
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Mew Ami
Cafe Owner
Cafe Owner

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Location : La La Land

PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!   Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:45 pm

My turn!!

Favorite Version: Silver (Nostalgia XD), X
Favorite Spinoff Game: Colosseum
Favorite Stadium Mini-Game: The Lickatounge game!
Favorite Pokemon: Umbreon
Favorite Starter: Typhlosion 
Favorite Legendary: Luigia
Least Favorite Pokemon: Sigilyph, only because it can be a pain in the butt.
Favorite Shiny Pokemon: Umbreon
Favorite Alternate Form: None
Favorite Mega Evolution: Mega Ampharos, that hair XD

Favorite of Each Type:
-Normal: Furret
-Grass: Lilligant
-Water: Azumarill
-Fire: Typhlosion
-Electric: Ampharos
-Ice: Mamoswine
-Rock: None
-Ground: Krookodile
-Fighting: None
-Flying: Braviary
-Psychic: Espeon
-Dark: Umbreon
-Steel: None
-Dragon: Altaria
-Poison: Vileplume
-Bug: None
-Fairy: Sylveon

Favorite Region: Johto

Least Favorite Region: Sinnoh

Favorite Gym Leaders:
-Kanto: Blaine
-Johto: Morty
-Hoenn: None
-Sinnoh: Crasher Wake
-Unova: Skyla
-Kalos: Wulfric, hate his puzzle though.

Favorite Elite Four:
-Kanto: None, never faced them
-Johto: Koga
-Hoenn: None, never faced them
-Sinnoh: None, never faced them
-Unova: Shauntal
-Kalos: Malva

Favorite Champion: Alder
Favorite Rival: Silver
Favorite Villainous Team: Team Plasma 

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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Location : The Moon (plz send air!)

PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!   Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:28 pm

Ohh fun! 
Here's mine

Favorite Version: HeartGold & X
Favorite Spinoff Game: Pokemon Stadium
Favorite Stadium Mini-Game: the Magikarp one

Favorite Pokemon: Mew & Lopunny
Favorite Starter: (Can be same or different than above) Chikorita or Bulbasaur
Favorite Legendary: Mew & Ho-oh
Least Favorite Pokemon: Bibarel
Favorite Shiny Pokemon: the pink ones
Favorite Alternate Form: the many Vivillons
Favorite Mega Evolution: Gardevoir's

Favorite of Each Type: (Can be a dual-typed)
-Normal: Lopunny
-Grass: Lilligant & Vileplume
-Water: Milotic
-Fire: Vulpix
-Electric: Mareep
-Ice: Froslass
-Rock: Amaura
-Ground: Sandshrew
-Fighting: Mienshao
-Flying: Altaria
-Psychic: Gothorita
-Dark: Deino
-Ghost: Mismagius
-Steel: Pawniard
-Dragon: Dragonair
-Poison: Nidoran (both genders)
-Bug: Butterfree
-Fairy: Clefairy (I like all of them actually)

Favorite Region: Johto

Least Favorite Region: Sinnoh

Favorite Gym Leaders:
-Kanto: Erika
-Johto: Jasmine 
-Hoenn: Winona
-Sinnoh: Volkner
-Unova: Elesa or the 3 Bishonen Butlers
-Kalos: Valerie

Favorite Elite Four:
-Kanto: Lorelei
-Johto: Karen
-Hoenn: Phoebe
-Sinnoh: Aaron
-Unova: Shauntal
-Kalos: Drasna

Favorite Champion: Iris & Gary (or Blue/Green whatever)
Favorite Rival:  I like all the rivals XD but Bianca I guess
Favorite Villainous Team: Team Rocket
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Posts : 82
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Age : 22
Location : United Kingdom

PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!   Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:58 pm

Favorite Version: Diamond
Favorite Spinoff Game: I haven't really played any.
Favorite Stadium Mini-Game: I haven't really played any.
Favorite Pokemon: Mew!
Favorite Starter: Piplup
Favorite Legendary: Mew (Second choice is Entei)
Least Favorite Pokemon: Any cocoon-like Pokemon (they can't do much!)
Favorite Shiny Pokemon: I can't decide!
Favorite Alternate Form: Shaymin's Land Forme

Favorite of Each Type:
-Normal: Meowth
-Grass: Shaymin
-Water: Piplup
-Fire: Vulpix
-Electric: Pikachu
-Ice: Glaceon
-Rock: Bonsly
-Ground: Phanpy
-Fighting: Riolu
-Flying: Togekiss
-Psychic: Mew
-Dark: Umbreon
-Steel: Dialga
-Dragon: Latias
-Poison: Arbok
-Bug: Beautifly
-Fairy: Togepi

Favorite Region: Sinnoh
Least Favorite Region: Hoenn

Favorite Gym Leaders:
-Kanto: Misty
-Johto: Jasmine
-Hoenn: Roxanne
-Sinnoh: Candice
-Unova: Iris
-Kalos: Valerie

Favorite Elite Four:
-Kanto: Agatha
-Johto: Karen
-Hoenn: Phoebe
-Sinnoh: Bertha
-Unova: Caitlin
-Kalos: Drasna

Favorite Champion: Cynthia
Favorite Rival: May
Favorite Villainous Team: Team Rocket
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!   

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Ultimate Pokemon Quiz!

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