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 History of the Magical Girl

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Love Interest
Love Interest

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PostSubject: History of the Magical Girl   Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:30 am

In the beginning there was a localized version of Bewitched called Okusan wa Mahou. This inspired two mangaka, Akatsuka Fujio and Yokoyama Mitsuteru to pen Himitsu no Akkochan(1962) and Mahoutsukai Sari(1966), respectively. 

Sari, animated in 1966, was the story of a young princess of the magical world and her misadventures on Earth.
In 1969 Akkochan showed great respect to a old mirror and in so doing was granted a magical mirror compact that allowed her to transform into anyone she wanted.

Mahou no Mako-chan aired in 1970; a happier take on Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid.

Fushigi na Melmo, done by the God of Manga himself written 1970 animated 1971 was the next title in the list. He intended it as a way to show children a form of puberty. But it was not well received by parents who didn't like the fanservice inherent with a 9 year old turning into a 19 year old without changing clothes.

Then Toei Animation then made Mahoutsukai Chappy in 1972, but then had a bit of a mixup. 

Miracle shoujo Limit-chan aired in 1973 in the same time slot originally set for Cutey Honey, but the higher ups decided that Limit-chan was better for girls and Cutey Honey was easier to market to boys mostly due to being created by Go Nagai. Nevertheless Cutey Honey aired a few weeks after Limit-chan.

In 1974 Majokko Megu-chan joined the growing roster. Bringing many staples such as the dark magical girl rival and using magic to alter the memories of a family to gain a home this show had even more fanservice than Cutey and some very dark themes, including alcoholism, adultery, and domestic abuse.

1978 has Majokko Tickle, another of Go Nagai's creations. Oddly enough it was not done though Toei Animation, but by Toei's main office with outsourced animation. It is probably the most kid friendly of all works by Nagai.  

Hana no Ko Lunlun in 1979 ended the decade on a happier note. Lunlun travels in search of magic flower petals to help the prince secure the throne of the Flowern Star. And you can't forget that theme song. 

Obviously I tend to stick with the anime portion, mainly due to ease of finding information.

That point when you realize you are the weird friend people talk about

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Mew Ami
Cafe Owner
Cafe Owner

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PostSubject: Re: History of the Magical Girl   Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:08 pm

Very nice!!  Cheer 

There's so much to genre I didn't know about.

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: History of the Magical Girl   Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:10 pm

It kind of makes me regret never having watched Bewitched when it was airing, especially considering the main thing I watch besides anime is old sitcoms.
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Love Interest
Love Interest

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PostSubject: Re: History of the Magical Girl   Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:08 pm

The 80's began with Mahou Shoujo Lalabel, who gathers up lost magical items before the villain can finish stealing them.

Mahou no Princess Minky Momo arrived from Ashi Productions in 1982, complete with dog, monkey and bird in tow. As the princess of the land of fairy tales, she is charged with returning hopes and dreams to the people of Earth. 

Continuing the break from Toei 1983 had Studio Pierrot's Creamy Mami, the first magical idol. She and Momo met once for a commercial about their respective OVAs... 

Studio Pierrot had Mahou no Yousei Persia in 1984, with the wild child from Africa on a mission to gather love energy to melt the frozen Lovey Dream.

Mahou no Star Magical Emi debuted in 1985 a monthe before a Minky Momo OVA came out.

1986 arrived with Mahou no Idol Pastel Yumi and her magic wand; able to create anything she can draw, but it only lasts for a certain time limit.

Esper Mami had her show in 1987, it's up to the viewer if she is a mahou shoujo or not. That year also saw Majokko Club: Yoningumi A-kuukan kara no Alien X, the big Studio Pierrot team up.

Toei came surging back with an Akkochan reboot in 88 and Sari in 89.

If I missed anything please feel free to let me know. I want to get as complete a list as possible.

That point when you realize you are the weird friend people talk about
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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: History of the Magical Girl   Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:19 am

There's some other miscellanious ones in the 80s, depending on if you perceive them to be magical girls (I mean I do, but I could understand if some people didn't quite view them as such)

Tokimeki Tonight - October, 1982
Nanoko SOS - April, 1983
Genmu Senki Leda - March 1985
Dream Hunter REM - December 1985

Harbor Light Story ~ From Fashion Lala - 1988 - this was actually Pierrot's 5th attempt at a magical girl series in the 80s. While the short direct-to-video movie didn't sell as planned, Fashion Lala would succeed as a character in girl's activity books (paper dolls, coloring books, etc.) In the 90s Fashion Lala became the inspiration for Fancy Lala.

Kiki's Delivery Service - July 1989

also, the first magical girl hentai was in the 80s with "Mahou no Rouge Lipstick" (1985) a play with the "Changing into an adult" concept that was so popular in the decade.
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PostSubject: Re: History of the Magical Girl   

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History of the Magical Girl

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