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 Smile Precure!

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Best Friend
Best Friend

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PostSubject: Smile Precure!   Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:06 pm

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I finally finished Smile Precure. Along with Suite and the sequel seasons, I find that Smile is generally not very well received. Not to say it wan't a success in Japan (It actually got slightly higher ratings than Suite from the previous year) but I've heard a few bad things. But despite that I really enjoyed Smile. Not as much as Heartcatch but it's definitely one of my favourite seasons from what I've seen.

I loved the cast (Especially Peace), the moral lessons contained in each episode, the action scenes were great and Joker made for a really entertaining villain. It's not without problems though. Even though most of the episodes were fantastic, the filler did drag on a little too long. A lot of the episodes reminded me of something I'd see in a show like K-ON (I like K-ON so that' a goof thing) but the lack of progression made some of the episodes feel like a chore to get through no matter how clever they were. I also wasn't a huge fan of the brief dip into the angst pool but by the end of the series it really does feel like they've been through a lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed it despite its problems. If I had to assign it a rating, I'd probably give it an 8/10.
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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:55 pm

My favorite part of Smile Precure is that chunk near the end (ep. 40-44) where each girl were at their peak. Yayoi's and Nao's episodes had me in tears ;.;

but the rest of the show was just kinda..okay? especially the first half.  
I mean, its not bad. I just think it coulda been better. 

The villains, while entertaining, (and this is something that bugs me alot about Precure villains) whenever they show up the act like a big jerk and call their beliefs stupid and the precure just blow them away week after week without even asking them "hey. why are you such a jerk? can we talk this out?" 
then they reveal their tragic backstory and the precure act all surprised "oh, you mean you had a reason for being a jerk? oh in that case, lets be friends that you're dying..."

i mean i dunno, if the same 3 people showed up to ruin your life over the course of a year, wouldn't you want to ask why?

..I did like the fairy tale theme though, and the "library that takes you wherever you wanna go" thing was cute too. too bad they didn't seem to use that. like there would be an episode where literally everything coulda been solved by using their magical transporter, but they didn't. (Akane rushing to the airport episode for example)
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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:38 pm

Smile was my second ever Precure season, after Heartcatch. 

When I first finished Smile I thought to myself that if I hadn't been expecting it to be like Heartcatch, I might have enjoyed it more.

After finishing Yes Precure 5 I can safely say I was wrong. I wasn't really expecting anything better than Smile and I was still bored out of my mind. But at least they both had lovable main casts. The villains... not so much. Joker was interesting but that's about it.
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Love Interest
Love Interest

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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:35 pm

I'm not really a fan... I watched 3 episodes and then got bored... but I did like Nao, Reika, and Yayoi... but I also enjoyed the really similar Yes 5.... and my younger sister likes it.... and who is Nao's voice actress? (I really like her...)
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Timer Rabbit

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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:23 am

I treat Smile as the "The MLP Season" because I know I can pick up my favorites again or share it to newcomers and not a single plot hole was missed. It's to feathery. But for my first season, I have a few I really like that got me to tears SOO HARD that I think the emotional side of the season did pretty okay. My funniest episode trophy I have to hand out for this season has to be the Mecha-Happy one and the cutest/moe-gushing to the little-kid episode. Hell I know I don't expect much from the villains, but jeez the adult doujinshi for the male antagonists is kind of creepy. (Well I can argue to the rest, but I do not want to bring that up.)

Peace was my ideal favorite, but I love how my favorite VA (Marina Inoue) did Nao/Cure March. So yea. I don't recommend to anyone whenever I ask, but if they don't mind ponies, than this season is a solid pick in my book.

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:32 pm

The first time I tried watching Smile, I hated it. Absolutely despised it. I didn't know anything about the series except for what I read from the plot summary on My Anime List, and that plot summary made it sound EPIC. I was expecting an absolutely awesome story, so I was very disappointed with the cheesy silliness that I got.

But I recently decided to give it another shot, this time knowing beforehand that it was a lighthearted comedy with a weak story. And this time around, I'm finding that it's really quite enjoyable! Especially since I'm watching Go! Princess at the same time -- that one is more heavily plot based, so seeing the difference in tone is very interesting!

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

Posts : 1052
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Join date : 2013-10-20

PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:02 am

Smile is a tough season for me. As I mentioned before, It was my second season after Heartcatch, so I had a lot of expectations. I was hoping for the same kind of action, a similar level of plot elements and an awesome finale.

What I got instead was basically a slice of life show with monster of the week battles. The villains were almost all joke villains who do the same repetitive thing every episode, and I really started to dislike them after a while. The Cures only actually fought THEM a couple of times.

The battles were really weak, especially since five Cures were fighting one monster a lot of the time, and four of them would usually get tied up or something so that the Cure the episode was focused on could win.

The show had almost no plot as well. What little was explained was usually an afterthought, and even the collect-em-all gimmick was badly handled. They made such a fuss about getting the last one midway through the show, only for the next episode to have them collect more for no explainable reason.

By episode 30-ish I realized that the show wasn't going to go anywhere with its story and dropped it. Good thing too because I heard the finale was one of the worst, with Doki's being the only one comparable. Lots of crying, just what I needed after getting away from the toxic levels of angst Madoka Magica gave me.

I feel like, had I known what the show was going to be like, I might have enjoyed it for what it is, just a cute, silly show with an admittedly lovable cast of characters.
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Love Interest
Love Interest

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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:20 pm

I liked cure beauty and her character.
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PostSubject: Re: Smile Precure!   

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Smile Precure!

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