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 Characters you like from a series you haven't really seen/played or don't like.

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Characters you like from a series you haven't really seen/played or don't like.   Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:08 am

@Beat wrote:
I always had a thing for Nozomi, I guess her design is adorable and those twintails cute, but I hear people have mixed opinions on her...

Nozomi is quite cuddly. She's very likable, silly and cheerful. Her incompetence can stretch your suspension of disbelief a bit, but it's not enough to make her unlikeable. She's considered a prototype of Miyuki from Smile Precure, in that the latter is pretty similar but improved.

The main reasons people dislike Nozomi are a dislike for the show itself, and people who get bent out of shape about one episode where Nozomi's difficulty with school work gets compared to a learning disability.
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Best Friend
Best Friend

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PostSubject: Re: Characters you like from a series you haven't really seen/played or don't like.   Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:11 am

As someone who absolutely adores Azusa I did not care for Choi one bit. Really glad that both her and the obnoxious talking bird got relegated to a non speaking cameo in the movie. Actually, the movie as a whole had pretty much none of the problems that the series had.

As for who I'd pick

Mayumi Saegusa from Mahouka comes to mind

I've got a whole ton of bad things to say about Mahouka. On the surface it's your typical Light Novel magic high school fair that wallows in the genre's worst clichés made even more dull by an extremely boring lead and mountains of completely useless exposition. Try to analyse it all and you'll be hit in the face with a wall of xenophobia and hairbrained scenarios that seem to be written specifically for the purpose of confirming the author's messed up beliefs about the education system.

In a nutshell, it's everything you probably expect to be in spite of the fact that the show seems to believe it's better than that. But that being said Mayumi is pretty cute. There isn't a whole lot to her character but she's got this elegant ojou-sama vibe that makes her more likeable than the gaggle of generic moeblobs in Tatsuya's pseudo harem. Plus while most of the other girls have high voices and obnoxious speech patterns, Kana Hanazawa's voice is much more soothing and gentle.

And while we're on the topic of KanaHana, I might as well talk about Akane

I don't outright hate or even dislike Psycho Pass (In fact I quite enjoyed the movie and the first half of Season 1) but the second half of the series definitely took a turn for the worst. It was competently written for the most part but everything interesting about the show just built up to an anticlimactic finish that comes to the exact same conclusion as every other work in the genre. Not to mention some of the dialogue, such as the part where the villain outright explains the themes of the series and its similarities to the works of Philip K. Dick, was just ridiculous.

But Akane is actually a really good lead character. She's smart, competent and manages to stand her ground and maintain a strong sense of justice through thick and thin.

And finally, Koneko Toujo from High School DxD.

I don't think I even need to explain what's wrong with DxD. It's exactly the sort of show you think it is. That being said Koneko was the only girl in Issei's harem who seemed to have any rational thoughts going through her head. When Issei does something disgusting she's almost always the only one there to speak up and say 'No, that's not cool. You're a creep'. And as much as I love Ayana Taketatsu, Jad Saxton injects this deadpan sassy wit into her lines that really makes her character.

My favourite part of the dub is one moment when she's training with Issei. Issei says something dumb and she just responds by saying 'Hai' or 'Okay' in Japanese. In the dub, the line is changed to 'suck it' as if she's trying to say 'Yeah I know we've got to cooperate but you're still a creep and I still hate your guts'. Unfortunately she starts to warm up to Issei in Season 3 so she just ends up becoming another brick in the wall with only a few funny one liners to set her apart. But sassy Koneko was fun while it lasted.

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Characters you like from a series you haven't really seen/played or don't like.   Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:56 pm

Actually -- I'm surprised I didn't mention this sooner -- my current avatar is a character I like from a series I haven't watched! All I know about her is that her name is Michelle and she's from the Chinese show Balala The Fairies. I think all the characters from that show are adorable, but there are no subtitles for it anywhere online, so unless I learn Mandarin, I can't watch the show. Cry

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PostSubject: Re: Characters you like from a series you haven't really seen/played or don't like.   

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Characters you like from a series you haven't really seen/played or don't like.

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