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 [Character Discussion] Mana Aida

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Timer Rabbit

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PostSubject: [Character Discussion] Mana Aida   Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:20 pm

Oh yes... To recap: I did a character discussion before because I have this love-dislike relationship with the main character of the 10th season of the PreCure franchise: Doki Doki PreCure.

She's helpful at all corners, and does not show sign of distress (of course Rikka had to be around to make sure that she doesn't overwork). She has good morals and a good heart, which is why she is so loved by the entire school (to the point that the ENTIRE SCHOOL relies on her abilities! Thank god for that one episode where Aguri fixes their acts up...)!

And at first, I want to get to Cure Sword, but now the latter shows that she's a changing girl and it was because of Mana's good-hearted do-ings.

Her life gets in the crazy loop when Regina shows up, being the lost little brat she is and then sees Mana as "her only friend" and does not want the other girls to be involved. Mana pushes farther to lecture the kitten with the claws despite that there are some circumstances when she swallows up to much love. Even though I am aware that the Mana-Regina ship was kind of problematic (and Regina does not care if she decides to kill the others except for Mana), I would LOVE to see Regina turn her heart upside down to pink sparkle hues with a touch of Mana love! Ships everywhere....

Mana to me, is not the most perfect girl from the other perspective. But she is still this hyperactive female motivator for the young viewer's interest since Cure Happy...

I am well aware that the Mana-Sue hate is still around here and there, but I think Mana is an okay character for a 2013 kids show. I just hope that the "ending" for DDPC is a whole lot better than Smile's. :(

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: [Character Discussion] Mana Aida   Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:04 pm

I don't really consider Mana a Mary Sue. In fact her over-enthusiasm toward things she wants was one of her biggest flaws. She doesn't consider MakoPi's feelings when she gets all gung-ho hanging around her.

Most of the reason people hate her is because the show is pretty much centered around her, Aguri and Regina, and because her dedication to Regina is really unreasonable, to a ridiculous degree. She also seems completely oblivious, until around episode 40, that Regina's been brainwashed.

The episode where Regina first decides she wants Mana as yuri partner friend was the one that did it for me. I wouldn't have minded it so much if Mana had been given some sign that Regina is truly lonely or that there's good in her. Instead, Regina is completely unapologetic about her misdeeds, or she apologizes with no real feeling. And why Mana is so insistent on being friends with her? "My instincts never lie." ............ Yea? And?"

It's not until Regina tries to kill the others that Mana decides to actually take some action or try to talk Regina out of her messed up behavior.

Aside from that, compared to some of the other Precure protagonists, I don't find Mana all that interesting. She wants to help people simply because that's what she likes doing. That's basically her entire personality besides being the queen of magical girl harems.
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[Character Discussion] Mana Aida

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