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 Timer Rabbit's Arts

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Timer Rabbit
Timer Rabbit

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Timer Rabbit's Arts Empty
PostSubject: Timer Rabbit's Arts   Timer Rabbit's Arts EmptyThu Dec 12, 2013 12:25 am

Okay~ Since I had moved out from MGConfessions, I had new art been made that I did not share it yet! Most of them are hosted at my Tumblr account "girlwiththeflamingfist", but please don't visit if you are sensitive to the "NSFW" posts I tend to share occasionally! (But most of my content is SFW.)

I'll be sharing some and dunno when or if I will update again. If you like my art and want to follow, you can follow my FB fan-page (linked in every post), my Tumblr (have Tumblr Savior or the system filters ready if you don't follow the NSFW tag), or you can follow my DeviantART, "Chaotic-Kyubi".

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mvvw0u8E5U1r4erspo1_500
Sidebar art I did for my Tumblr layout, and is my current "anime persona". Oh and this was Sayaka Miki with an Espurr...

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mwathnf3Q11r4erspo1_500
This was done after the sidebar layout. I was tasked to do a freestyle design painting for my Color and Composition class, so I "draft" this ahead of time and had to put "default" colors so I can double it as my FB banner. The painting version uses triadic colors. (Red, yellow, and blue lights/shadows).

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_msx56jpffW1r4erspo1_500
"Lunascape": I am obsessed with Luna from Daybreak Illusion (AKA Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou) and I was THIS CLOSE to use Luna for my first painting assignment. I had to reject it and use an original character for the sake of my portfolio, but I did this little drawing done to contribute to this tiny fandom. I love Luna in all forms, including the questionable werewolf-fied Luna. I was sane enough to give her clothes in this...

I have also done other Luna artwork as well, but I'll let you check out my Tumblr for yourself.

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mqzzrvGTBB1r4erspo1_500
Kyouko Sakura in one of the outfits from Tinier Me... I wanted something simple and making look like Kyouko is forced to wear this. I forgot the blush cheeks lol. Well you can tell she's not thrilled!

Spoiler just in-case. Some may hate me, but I had this RP/story idea for one of my RP fan-pages where Mana has this other side she does NOT want to return too, but eventually an evil force (and a Digimon) got her mature kinky side back. I made a huge mistake on the hand... :(

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mnog4nOk4i1r4erspo1_500
Not really my drawing, but I want to get creative with this coloring "page" my friend printed it out, and I end up making a craft collage. Makes a good (and huge) celebration card!

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mmz9nqpUTf1r4erspo1_500
Yayoi Kise as a doll-bunny. :>

Timer Rabbit's Arts Momiji-binbouda-from-bimbougami-ga-and-dabyiTimer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mmml3wSC9p1r4erspo1_500
A inked sketch. Dabyi's VA also did the voice of my favorite "binbougami", Momiji Bimboda. (She's from Binbougami Ga(!) BTW.)

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mmexpuqJVd1r4erspo1_500
"Inked sketch" that I did during an Anime Club meeting. Two of my favorite girls and my OTP.  (The second girl is Jessica Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni~)

Timer Rabbit's Arts Tumblr_mh2mufplDy1r4erspo1_500
And finally, tracking back at February, here's my collage work featuring Candeloro (Mami's Witch)! She's one of my favorites (though only appeared at the PSP game), so I carefully put effort into this, which includes making the collage!

I will put more up, so don't be surprised if I bump.. (Unless it's not allowed... ;; )

Timer Rabbit's Arts Happye10
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Mew Ami
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Mew Ami
Cafe Owner

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Timer Rabbit's Arts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Timer Rabbit's Arts   Timer Rabbit's Arts EmptyThu Dec 12, 2013 9:28 pm

You can bump! :D

Love your artwork by the way. Hope you share more!

Timer Rabbit's Arts Traine10

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Timer Rabbit's Arts

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