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 [Character Discussion] Madoka Kaname

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PostSubject: [Character Discussion] Madoka Kaname   Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:12 pm

Disclaimer: These "character discussion" entries were created several months ago, therefore views/opinions by the OP had changed overtime. However, since each entry takes a heart and soul (and 30 minutes at best) to open each thread for individual character discussion, the original posts were here as the anchor of the character discussion. New ideas or thoughts by the OP were be separated from the main post. Also, the OP loves/respects all of the main cast despite the flaws, so please no flaming or "bashing" the character. Feel free to critique any critical flaws for the character with reason. These entries were originally from Magical Girl Confessions forums and decide to transfer these to the Cafe! 

Quote :
In my personal celebration on opening a side RP-blog as AU!Madoka that doesn't suffer to much (but I will go crazy), I thought that I should open up and discuss about this "moeblob" that uber-fans love!

The first reaction from us could have guessed that Madoka would be the next "revolutionary" magical girl and have this maturing growth like every other magical girl. But instead, she gets "lies" and "terror" when each secret is revealed... From the death of a Puella Magi (forever alone Mami), splitting the Soul Gem from it's vessel, and then that the Puella Magi are basically "baby Witches". That pretty much drop the bargain from Kyubey, especially since Homura is on the hunt to kill that runt! Also because of Homura, her coldness terrorizes Madoka and prevent from making a contract!

Now is that suffering? Oh hell yes.

Probably a big flaw for the overall show is that this is NOT your traditional magical girl show where the heroines are the ones who purify the evil and mature as they risk their lives on their jobs as "heroines of justice"! Madoka is a magical girl fan herself and she did not want THAT kind of reality! It's painful...

And on Epi. 11 when she learns her role as Homura's focus trophy (and force her to stay away from danger for the sake of her life) and the "potential power" she has, she knew that Homura will not win alone this time, and knew the risks if she changes the world.

My brain is rough, but I don't think that Madoka can change her decision so suddenly. She kind of matures in a different way... Death of a Puella Magy are unpreventable, but what they need as a final role of a Puella Magi is the satisfying "happy ending" before they fade away to heaven. And Madoka is capable of doing that in her own "Hopes of a Magical Girl" principle. (Again a fan of such shows and knew what these heroines had went through.)

Unfortunately, for 12 episodes with no stop for fillers like every traditional magical girl, it is no wonder that Madoka is also a controversial character. We only knew her family's backgrounds (and a amazing mom and good role-model for her daughter (aside from drinking)) and her sweet normal life... But that's it. Some story-writers HATE flashbacks and want themselves and the reader to focus on the current plot and twists, like the intention of the Deathnote manga (I have not watched the anime) (the context came from the DN fanbook).

If a fan wanted to learn more about Madoka, the best way is to find every sound drama that existed and play the routes in the PSP game (again all suffering as well, but there are obviously some good endings that I have not checked out yet). And then, the movies slowly come into the PMMM fandom's hype as more content are popping up.. I mean- THIS CHARM!!! <3 <3

Being a fan of Goddess-Madoka and Epi. 12 for the soundtrack timing, this made me want to tear because her wish pretty much erase herself from existence, especially the moments of her enjoyable youth. ;; But with her wish becoming a god, she can view the world from the skies and behind Homura's back.

I mean- I am waiting for the third movie, as I herd that there are flaws from Madoka's wish.. And that Goddess-Madoka will make a combat in spirit-form next to Homura..

So for Madoka's role in the anime... That can be arguable. I can somewhat agree that she may be a plot device, but at the same time she could have become a revolutionary magical girl if she was careful.. But nope! Homura is preventing her letting her friend lost her soul and BECOME A GODDESS-WITCH!!!

Plus for Homura... I think she's totally anti-social, but Madoka was the first person to open up and carry this friendly conversation that boost her ego. And Madoka as a magical girl had made Homura see her more than just a friend.. A "best" friend and her hero that had fallen into a tragic end at the first timeline.. She hates being alone when friendship was just the beginning. So her repayment for friendship was to help Madoka at any cost!

Now let the terror begin! (AKA feel free to start a discussion or gushing at Madoka for some reason.)

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[Character Discussion] Madoka Kaname

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