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 [Character Discussion] Kyoko Sakura

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PostSubject: [Character Discussion] Kyoko Sakura   Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:06 pm

Disclaimer: These "character discussion" entries were created several months ago, therefore views/opinions by the OP had changed overtime. However, since each entry takes a heart and soul (and 30 minutes at best) to open each thread for individual character discussion, the original posts were here as the anchor of the character discussion. New ideas or thoughts by the OP were be separated from the main post. Also, the OP loves/respects all of the main cast despite the flaws, so please no flaming or "bashing" the character. Feel free to critique any critical flaws for the character with reason. These entries were originally from Magical Girl Confessions forums and decide to transfer these to the Cafe! 

Quote :

Well, this is unexpected.. And quite the interesting one. When you first watch the show.. Or my reaction, I was like "OMG U DUN DO THAT" because "it's not a magical thing"... Or more like that I have never met an "anti-magical girl" for a long time and showed my first impression on her character. Wild and free... Not to be followed by the dreamy magical girl standards. And then... Her backstory was revealed of why she became this bitch.. (And again amazing Gekidan Inu Curry visuals mix with the typical Aoki-Umi style... It's a nice mix!)

But then... Kyouko can tell that there was another magical girl that had pulled the "dumbest" move for a wish... But she can not do much other than to fight back the territory that was BELONG TO MAMI! Yea... "The Different Story" tells an alternative timeline, but it does connect to the pre-bitchy Kyouko days as a Magi. So I guess from my headcanon (though most likely canon) is that Kyouko wanted to inherit the city like a baton tossed from Mami to her REAL student... But yea.

And then... That is when Kyouko came to care because Sayaka was "alone"... She had lost to Hitomi over Kyousuke because that happiness from the man passes on to the other princess and not the knight in the shadows. So yea... And Kyouko did lost her parents due to her selfish wish like Sayaka... So she knew how that feels. Plus like all Puella Magi, they knew the magical girl genre, which make me think of Utena even though I have never seen it. (;_;) She took her life to kill Sayaka's WITCH together like a grave for couples... That pretty much gone "WTH NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!"

I think it took me a long time for to like Kyouko. When the "Different Story" came out and herd that it's based on the drama CD about her past before the current arc, I grew to like her more.. Or interested to learn more about that girl and her happy, idealistic magical girl life.

Of course.. The off-topic reason why I got back my love for Kyouko is because I love her style... It's not everyday to have an anti-puella magi but doesn't hurt a lot of people... Much.. Plus that long hair and fang... She's quite a charming little hobo.. ^^;

Oh yea.. And her deadly weapon.. OAO

Oh so much fun to RP as a Kyouko, ahahaha! :D

P.S. Written this at past midnight when I should be sleeping! I wanted to get her off the system, kk? And Madoka is to flawful for me to come back.

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[Character Discussion] Kyoko Sakura

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