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 [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe

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Timer Rabbit
Timer Rabbit

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[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Empty
PostSubject: [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe   [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe EmptyFri Dec 06, 2013 11:04 pm

Disclaimer: These "character discussion" entries were created several months ago, therefore views/opinions by the OP had changed overtime. However, since each entry takes a heart and soul (and 30 minutes at best) to open each thread for individual character discussion, the original posts were here as the anchor of the character disscussion. New ideas or thoughts by the OP were be separated from the main post. Also, the OP loves/respects all of the main cast despite the flaws, so please no flaming or "bashing" the character. Feel free to critique any crital flaws for the character with reason. These entries were origianlly from Magical Girl Confessions forums and decide to transfer these to the Cafe! 

Quote :
[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Tumblr_m9r4zwOrlU1qjkedbo8_400

I know I repeat this many times, but I will recap again because I felt that this tip was an important factor of why I love that tragic heroine. Before I even got into the series/franchise, there were discussions and a .gif pop up at ggFTW Forums (specialize in MMORPG discussions and a info database) and a certain image chat board of Epi. 8 AKA her unexpected death for a potential key character in Sayaka and Madoka's positive character growth. I finally got to watch it and knew the truth... And yea... The "grimdark of magical girls" in 2011-2012 was born.

There are issues with her behavior for the past two-three episodes that are obvious and related to the growth of the story (and learning of the system of Puella Magi). Homura attempting to kill Kyubey and stalking Madoka and Sayaka had Mami put the mysterious Homura on her suspision list, despite that she is another magical girl. Plus, she follows the rules that every magical girl are on the greed chase for the Grief Seed so she can clean the Soul Gem. (At least Mami was generous enough despite Homuhomu being a jerk.)

THEN at Epi. 10 at a past timeline... I do not want to question about Mami's flipped out state after the truth has been revealed... But for the very least the behavior was human. WE as girls or humans will flip out if our souls die and convert it's remaining grief energy into a Witch! So... I have no words for it. A young fan from about 9 years old was MAD that Mami died so soon because she was her favorite! So... Good going Ubochi. IDK if I forget your name.

Now... Despite that the show had a hit and miss and had a hint of unoriginally.... (Again, it got popular thanks to the troll marketing on the otaku...) Mami was at the very least "sane" for the current timeline before Madoka had hit the red button. Even if she is emotional, she does learn to overcome it when she is on duty as the "heroine of justice". Also, I like that she is the "mother" of the magical girls (AKA Madoka and Sayaka) and it kind of warms me.

IF she were to have a spin-off besides Oriko Magica, I am sure that she will be a sane and lovely character if it weren't for despair and deaths of magical girls... Something like how PreCure franchise is done. Lucky some manga-ka who is part of the Magica project is making a spin-off manga for Kyouko and Mami, which will probably focus on their alternative personal life... And hopefully without despair and tears. ^^;

Mami is still flawful and maybe hated, but I like her no matter what. She needs a proper friend and partner without any deaths along the journey. ^^; We need motherly girls after all!

Oh and the use of muskets is just plain epic. I don't know if there is a magical girl that can top off a show like that!

Extra: My OTP is Mami x Kirika... (Yes, screw you HomuxMami!)


P.S. My thread or reasons may not be perfect. I finally got that PC to work for the night, so I am not sure if when it will work again when I get back. >> Tumblr is already a wreck...

P.P.S. [As of Dec. 6, 2013] With new minor thoughts in mind, I enjoy the "MamiKyou" OTP thanks to the "Differnt Story" manga spin-off.

[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Happye10
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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe   [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 4:40 pm

If there's one thing I can say about Mami, it's that I think she looks infinitely better with her hair untied.

[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Tumblr_nh5vqbl8ot1si99vho4_500

[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Tumblr_nh5utbzKGq1si99vho4_500

[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Tumblr_nh5ukeRDFi1si99vho8_500

I always thought the drill tail things were kinda silly anyway.
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Mew Marshmallow
Mew Marshmallow

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[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe   [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 6:15 pm

Mami is my favourite design out of the girls, it's such a shame she's never got more focus. Maybe in the 'new project' that's supposed to be coming at some point.
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[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe   [Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe Empty

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[Character Discussion] Mami Tomoe

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