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 Mew Apple and the Element Aliens

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Mew Ami
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Cafe Owner

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PostSubject: Mew Apple and the Element Aliens   Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:15 pm

So long ago in my young stupid years as a teenager my friend(Miakemi) and I created an older sister for Ichigo Apple for a rp. Yeah I know there is a canon character Ringo which means Apple in Japanese.

Her story:
Apple was sent to live with her grandparents to go to a school to help her behavior issues. She's a rebel and never listens to her parents. Upon returning to live with her parents a new enemy is attacking Tokyo, the Element Aliens (I'll get to them in a bit). One day while visiting Ichigo at the cafe she becomes a new mew mew. She's infused with fox DNA.

her mew name: Mew Apple
her weapon: twin swords
her mew mew mark: fox curled into a ball. (similar to the firefox logo)

personality: aggressive, tough, irresponsible, violent.

The Element Aliens:

The Element Aliens are rivals to the Alien race. They actually lived on Earth together. The Element Aliens were the lesser race on Earth because the Aliens had the Mew Aqua.

When Earth's environment was changing, both races left the planet. Like the Aliens the Element Aliens found a terrible planet, but were able to changed the environment. Why? Well they can control the elements. They can also shape shift and teleport.

They never went to help their neighboring planet because the rivalry was still there. After the Aliens fixed their planet, they still don't try to fix their differences.

The Element Aliens sends a team of fighters to Earth to reclaim it because the Aliens failed at it. They want to take over and rub it in their faces.

The Team:
Kaze: He controls wind (His name means wind in Japanese): Happy go lucky guy and actually befriends Kisshu at a party. He loves to throw parties. XD

Thunder (the leader): He controls lightning: a sour puss, very serious. Jealous of Kaze's ability to truly master his element.

Crystal: She controls water: Very calm personality. Goes with the flow.

Amber: She controls fire: the tough girl and loves to take risks.

All 5 of them are siblings. Thunder is the eldest, Kaze, Crystal, and Amber are triplets.

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Love Interest
Love Interest

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PostSubject: Re: Mew Apple and the Element Aliens   Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:14 am

sounds like an idea i had, except for... it had to do with sailor moon.
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Mew Apple and the Element Aliens

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