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 Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds

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Mew Ami
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:39 pm

Tikki nodded her head. "Sure. I'm sure she would agree to it." Tikki looked up at the sky. "Do you think we'll see Pain again?" she looked back at him.

Marinette smiled at Adrien. "Thank you." she sighed. "So much for being a normal teenager again. Alya is going to love this..."

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Magical Girl
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:47 pm

Plagg's tail twitched back and forth as he thought about it. "She's active now. Shouldn't that mean we should see her again? The brothers have her and they're in Paris. I wonder why she's suddenly active, though... That would mean the curse is broke, wouldn't it?"

Adrien chuckled. "Yeah.. If we're not careful, superheroing will become more normal for us than being normal." He bit his lip as she mentioned Alya. She would be all over this, which was... not good... "We need to keep Alya from being too close to the fighting. It sounds too dangerous. Plus, the brothers might notice and use her against us."
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Mew Ami
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:49 pm

Marinette nodded her head. "I'll have to talk to her.." The talk was going to be difficult. Alya was too stubborn for her own good. The girl cared about her blog more than her life sometimes.

"I believe so. Strange how it's broken all of the sudden."

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:54 pm

Adrien frowned. He did not envy Marinette. At least Nino had the common sense to not go straight into an attack for the sake of journalism. It had been fine with the akumas. They were one time villains, and his father either didn't realize how close she was to them or didn't care. They didn't know how the brothers would react if they saw someone without powers hanging around with Ladybug and Chat Noir.  "I wish you luck, princess..."

Plagg nodded. "Maybe they figured out how to break it...?"
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Mew Ami
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Cafe Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:58 pm

Marinette just smiled at Adrien. "I need all the luck in the world."


Rin and Kou stood in front of the phonograph.  All day they been trying to get it open.  It was protected with magic so Kou messed around with the lock and was able to get it open.  When the lid sprung open, the brothers gasped.
"There's only two miraculouses!?" Rin shouted. "I can't believe our luck!"
Kou frowned and looked down at the box and noticed a button in the corner. He pressed it and it made a noise.  Kou then noticed he could take off the case the miraculouses were sitting in. When he removed it, there was a book. Kou took it out and flipped through it. His eyes widen. "Brother, look at this." he handed him the book.
Rin took the book and went through it. He looked excited at first, but it left him quickly. He could tell the book had information about the miraculouses, but he couldn't read the text. He flipped through the pages and landed on one that caught his eye. It was a strange illustration and beside it was the ladybug earrings and the cat ring. Rin stared at it for a moment.

"Is it useful?" Kou asked.

"Yes and no," Rin finally said and handed him the book. "I can't read the text I guess only the guardian can."

"That's unfortunate."

"But look at this picture," he said and pointed to it. "I can tell that if you wear the earrings and the ring it will grant the user some kind of power."

"Maybe it give us immorality?"


"So should we bother still bother getting the turtle and the butterfly miraculouses?"

"Yes. I want them all. That way they can't stop us."

Kou just nodded his head and put the back down beside the phonograph. "Well it's late. We can start planning tomorrow." Rin nodded his head and the brothers left room.
Iris was walking to her car.  She felt tired and her feet were killing her.  The photo shoot was draining.  The photographer was being ridiculous so it went on longer than it should of.  She looked at her watch.  She wondered if Gabe was home yet, but knowing Mrs M he was probably still with her.  Adrien should still be awake.  Maybe they could watch a movie while waiting for Gabe . Iris made it to the car and opened the back seat door.  She sat down on the seat and took off her shoes.  She quickly slipped on a pair of flats and tossed her high heels on the floor.  Much better.  She got up and closed the door.
Before Iris could walk around to the drivers side something came flying out of no where.  It landed right in front of her.  Curious she bent down and saw it was a brooch.  Its design reminded her of a peacock.  She glanced around saw no one.  Strange.  Did someone toss it out of a car?  The street wasn't too far from the parking lot.  She held out her hand to grab it.  Might as well take it.  Iris thought it was pretty.
'No don't!' cried a voice, but it was too late Iris touched it and everything went black.
It was late and the brothers were asleep. The tiny box which contain the peacock miraculous opened.  The brooch floated into midair and glowed.  Then a tiny bird like kwami appeared.  It smiled and flew around happily.  The kwami looked back at its miraculous and it glowed one more time.  A woman appeared.  She looked startle by her surroundings.
"Hello," said the kwami with a cheerful smile.  It had a feminine voice.
"Ahh!" the woman shouted and jumped back.  She ended up falling on her butt.  She pointed her finger at the kwami. "Who are you!?"
"I'm Pain!  It's nice to finally be able to talk to you."
"Pain...?" Why was this thing named after food!?  This had to be a dream...
"What's your name?"
"I..Iris.." she stuttered.
Pain gasp. "That's such a pretty name!"
"Uh thanks.." Iris looked around again.  They were some kind of library?  There were books everywhere.  Was she kidnapped?  She did blackout.  Iris felt her head, but didn't feel any pain.  So how did her captor knock her out?  She looked back at Pain.  Was this creature her captor?  No way.  She looked innocent and was too small.
"We need to get out of here." Pain floated over to the door. "The brothers went to bed so we can easily escape."
"Brothers?" Iris walked over to her.  So two men kidnapped her?  But why?  Well she was rich..
Pain gasped. "You don't know what's going on!?"
Iris shook her head.
"Wow.  I knew you were asleep, but I thought at least you were able hear our surroundings like me."
"Asleep?  What do you mean I was asleep?" Well she did feel rested..
"There's no time explain!  We need to go find Master Fu!"
"Master Fu?"
Pain flew into the door handle and it opened up.  She came back out. "Let's go!" she then flew down a hallway.
Iris shrugged.  If this was really happening she felt like she could trust her.  Pain haven't tried to hurt her or didn't seem to be working with these brothers.  She clearly wanted to get out of here judging by her body language.  Iris followed right behind her.  The hallway was dark, but she was able to see thanks to a window at the end of the hallway.  The moon was shinning brightly tonight.
They stopped in front of the window and Pain gasped.  She turned around and flew back to the room they came from.  Iris quickly followed her.
"What's wrong?" she asked the kwami, when she entered the room.
"We need to take these with us," Pain was floating over the desk. "I can't believe I almost forgot!"
Iris walked over to the desk and saw a phonograph and a book.  Pain flew inside the phonograph and it opened up.  Iris saw the miraculouses.
"Put these items in your thing!" Pain pointed to the cross body purse Iris was wearing.
"You mean my purse?"
Iris grabbed the necklace and the comb from the box and placed them into her purse. "What about the book?" she could tell it looked important.
"That too."
She grabbed it and as she was stuffing the book into the purse Pain grabbed her miraculous item.  She then pinned onto Iris's dress.
"You're outfit is very pretty," Pain said.
"Thanks.  My husband made it just for me."
"Aww that's sweet!" she floated away, when she was done. "Let's go!"
Iris nodded her head.  When they turned around, Rin walked into the room.  He looked startle to see Iris standing there.
"Who are you?" he spoke in French.  He could tell she was European.
She looked at him baffled.  He didn't know who she was?  But he kidnapped her.  She felt a knot in her stomach.  She had a bad feeling about all of this.
"Answer me!" he was losing his patience
"She's the new Peacock!" Pain shouted and floated between them.  She looked proud.
What!? Iris looked alarmed.  What did that mean!?
"Are you sure? Your owner doesn't think so," Rin mocked the kwami.
Pain looked angry and flew over to him.  She started to peck him on his head and he tried to push her out of the way.  Iris took this opportunity and grabbed him by the arm and flung him over her shoulder.  He landed on the desk and moaned in pain.  Iris and Pain then left the room at once.
"So now what?" Iris questioned the kwami.
"You're going have to transform and fly away from here," she replied.  They made it to the window.
"Excuse me?"
"There's no time to explain.  You have to trust me."
Iris gave her an annoyed look.  She didn't like being left in the dark.  Pain could give her some kind of an explanation!  Just something!  She glanced back at the other end of the hallway.  That man was still recovering from her attack.  She did toss him pretty hard.  Iris looked back at Pain and sighed.  She had to trust her.  She was her only way out of here. "Alright, but you can you at least tell me what I'll be transforming into?"
"A superhero."
"Brother?" said a sleepy voice.  Another man came out of the room.  He noticed Iris and Pain standing by the window.  "Ah! An intruder!"
Panicked Pain flew into the brooch causing Iris to transformed.  She jumped in the shock of the energy engulfing her body.  There was no time for her to look herself over since the other man was fast approaching her.  Iris quickly opened the window and jumped out.
She was falling down real fast.  Her heart was racing.  Pain said she could fly so she quickly closed her eyes tight and thought about the act of the flying.  Then all of sudden she felt like she was floating.  She opened her right eye and then opened the other, when she discovered she was still alive.  She was hovering above the street.  She glanced back and saw an old bell tower.  But how could that be?  She shook her head.  No time to worry about that so she flew up into the sky and eventually landed on a building.
Iris looked around and saw no sign of Pain.  She was baffled.  Where could she have gone too?  She wondered if they merged when transformed.  Iris put her hand on her forehead.  This was too much for her.  She still couldn't tell if this was reality or a dream.  She hasn't felt any pain yet...
"You never told me who you were," spoke a familiar voice.  Iris jumped and turned and saw the brothers standing there.  "Are you with Fu?"
"I don't think so, Brother.  She looked lost, when she transformed."
"Then that means.."
"Who are you two?" Iris demanded.  She took a step forward and glared at them.
"Where are my manners?" the older man laughed.  "I am Rin and this is my brother Kou.  We're after the miraculoues.  My dear, you have three of them and we would like them back.  We promise we won't hurt you so just hand them over and you can go on your way."
Iris narrowed her eyes at them.  They had to be bad guys because they kidnapped her even if they didn't acknowledge it.  So they can't be trusted.  She had seen enough movies where bad guys take back their promises.  They looked dangerous and she wasn't going down without a fight.  "No." she then stood in a defensive stance.
"Why are we stubborn?"  Rin slowly approached her.  "I'll give you one more chance to hand them over."
"No means no."
"Fine have it your way, Kou."
Kou began to charge of an energy blast and then threw it at her.  Iris somehow was able to dodge it.  A panicked looked appeared on her face.  Kou threw another one at her and it was bigger and harder to dodge.
Then suddenly a man dressed like a turtle jumped in front of her and held up his hands. "Shell Shock!"  a barrier surrounded of them and the attack bounce causing it to hit both brothers and send them flying.  The barrier disappeared and the turtle man looked at her.  "Follow me." he then ran off.

Iris breath in relief and followed after the turtle man.  He saved her life and she had a feeling he was related the items she took.  He looked like an animal and the items resemble animal parts.  She wondered if she did too.  Pain looked like a bird.  They leaped across a few rooftops before landing an alley.  The turtle man walked up to a wall and placed his hand on it.  A door appeared and Iris followed him inside.

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Mew Ami
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:59 pm

They walked into the a room and the door closed behind them.  Both of them detransformed and a kwami floated next to him.  In tears Pain flew over to Wayzz and hugged him.
"Wayzz!!" she cried.  "It's so good to see you!   I missed you guys so much!"
Wayzz smiled gently at her and returned her hug.  "We've missed you too."
Pain let go of him and turned to man that was a turtle.  "and you must be Master Fu." she wiped her eyes and was trying to calm herself down.
"Yes," the man replied.  "It's nice to finally meet you Pain."
"I'm so sorry!" she broke out into more tears. "I..I.."
Fu held up his hand.  "There is no need to apologize.  You did what you thought was right."
Pain wiped her tears and was taking deeper breaths.
Fu turned his attention to Iris.  As he looked at her his face looked shocked, but it quickly turned to sorrow.
Iris fidgeted.  She wasn't sure what was his issue.  Why did he look sad?
He shook his head.  "I'm Fu it's a pleasure to meet you."
"I'm Iris."
Fu just nodded his head.  "Iris, please have a seat.  I'll go make us some tea."
"Will you tell me what's going on?"
"Yes." his sad looked returned.
Iris just stared at him before sitting down.
Fu then walked into the kitchen with Wayzz following right behind him.  He grabbed a tea kettle and filled it up with some water.  He then placed it on his gas stove and turned on the burner.
"Master, that's.."
"I know," Fu cut off his kwami and then let out a sigh.  "My hunch was correct all these years.."
"Nothing.  Wayzz, please go get the jasmine tea bags."
Meanwhile Iris was sitting in the living room.  She glanced around the room and noticed the Asian decor.  She let out a sigh.  What a night.  Everything seemed so real.  She glanced down at Pain who was stretch out in front of her on a low table.  She was still trying to calm herself down. 
"You okay?" asked Iris.
"I think so," Pain sniffled.
"What happened?"
"Fu will probably explain it."
Iris frowned.
"Sorry.  It's better if you hear it from him than me."
"I guess." Iris took off her purse and placed it on to the table which reminder her.  She dug out the miraculous and the book.  She placed them down on the table.  She then heard a clock chime.  Iris glanced over and saw it was one in the morning and her eyes widen.  Oh!  She quickly grabbed her phone out of her purse.  Gabe was probably worried sick!  She pressed the power button on the phone, but it didn't light up.  Iris frowned.
"Something wrong?" Pain asked and sat up.
"My phone is dead," Iris muttered.  That didn't make any sense.  She charged it last night and barely used it today.  She then looked around the room.  She didn't see a lan phone anywhere.  "Do you know where the phone is?"
"What's a phone?"
Iris looked down at the kwami confused.  "A device that let's you talk to people who are far away."
"Oh, cool!" Pain looked at her in awe.
"You really don't know what a phone is?"
"Nope.  I've been stuck in my miraculous for centuries."
Iris didn't say anything and stood up.  She walked around the room hoping to find a phone hidden somewhere.  Iris then came to a halt.  On one of the walls was a calendar.  Her eyes widen and her body began to shake.  Iris took it off the wall and stared at it.  It was August 2016. 
"I'm afraid that is not a joke," spoke Fu who just reentered the room.  "Iris, please sit down.  We have a lot to discuss."
Iris placed the calendar back on the wall and sat back down.  Fu placed the tray of tea down and pour her a cup of tea.  He handed it to her and she muttered thank you.
It was quiet for a few minutes.  Fu wasn't sure where to begin.  He looked down at the table and noticed she retrieved the book and the remaining miraculouses.  That was probably a good place to start.  He took a sip of his tea first.  "Thank you for getting my items back."
"You're welcome," Iris muttered. 
Fu frowned.  He could see Iris was losing it.  "Drink your tea it will help."
"I can't..."she looked up at him with tears in her eyes.  "I have really been gone for six years?"
Fu nodded his head.  "Sadly yes."
"But how..?"
"You were trapped inside of a miraculous."
"This?" she grabbed the brooch and unpin it from her dress.  She then placed in down on the table and pushed it toward him.
"Yes.  Before I can go into more detail I need to talk about the miraculoues."
Iris nodded her head and took a deep breath.  She was trying to stay calm and trying so hard not to cry.  It was making her feel sick.
Fu took another sip of his tea and then told her about the miraculoues and their purpose.  Iris stared at him in disbelief.  It was hard to believe that magic was actually real.  Fu noticed that and pinched her hand.
"Ow," she said with a frown.  More tears formed in her eyes not because he hurt her, but because the sense of denial was gone.
"I'm happy you were able to return the necklace and the comb to me," Fu continue.  "I was worried that the brothers may use them."
"What do they want with them anyway?"
"They're seeking immortality just like their late uncle." Fu poured himself more tea.  He noticed Iris hasn't touch hers.  "Please drink up.  Tea is good for you."
Iris caved in and took a sip of her tea.
Fu then grabbed the book and held it up. "I'm sure they looked through this book. They can't read it. I'm the only person who can't, but I sure they noticed a certain illustration."

"Why would that catch their attention?"

"It clearly shows what happens when you wield both the earrings and ring. You see if worth together the earrings and the ring will grant the user god like powers.  They can wish for anything." Fu then chuckled.  "Unfortunately it can only be used once per generation of miraculous holders."

"So it's already been used?"
"You're smart." Fu gave her a smile.  "And yes it has."
"By who?"  Iris picked up her cup of tea for another sip.
"Your husband."
She dropped her tea up and tea poured out of the cup.  Iris jumped and quickly grabbed a napkin off the tray and started to wipe of the spilled drink. "Sorry..."
"Iris, what do you remember last?" Fu asked.
"Before you met Pain."
"Oh, um I was in a parking lot and I was about to return home from work." She placed the dirty napkin on the tray.  She felt her body shaking again.  "I then saw that brooch and touched it..."
"Then everything went black and you met Pain?"
"Yes.." she stuttered.
"At the time the brooch was cursed and anyone who would touched it would get sealed inside of it."
"Is that what Pain meant, when she said I was asleep?"
Fu nodded his head.
"Why was it cursed!?" she slightly raised her voice.  "You said you were the guardian of these things!  Why would you let that happened?"
"I wasn't alive at the time it was cursed," Fu answered calmly.  "My great great great grandfather was the guardian.  The brother's uncle was trying to gain immorality by draining the magic from all of the items.  He got hold of the peacock miraculous first and when he drained its magic it backfired on him.  He ended up dying, but its last breath he placed the curse on it.  Pain got sealed inside of it as well."
Iris was dead silent.  She felt her head spinning.  For six years she has been inside of this brooch?  Six longs years.  Tears finally escaped from her eyes.  Her family was probably suffering.  Adrien was older now which made her worried about Gabriel.  She never talked to him about chance of raising Adrien alone.  She wrapped her arms around herself. 
Fu handed her a tissue.  "I'm sorry, Iris."
She just took the tissue and wiped her eyes. 
"It's not your fault." she managed to say somehow.
"In a way it was.  Six years ago I was living in China and the older brother Rin invaded my house.  He managed to steal the peacock miraculous from me.  Since it has been cursed it was kept in a special box.  I chased him all the way to Pairs and in the middle of the fight the miraculous went flying.  When he found it, he was able to scoop it back into its box and he disappeared.  I decided to stay here and wait for his return."
"Still not your fault.  It's his!"
Fu shook his head.  "I saw your disappearance on the TV."
"It was on TV!?" Iris looked shocked about this for some reason.
He raised an eyebrow. "You were a famous model."
Iris looked away in embarrassment.
"I had a feeling your disappearance was connected to the peacock miraculous, but I was afraid to approach your husband.  There was a chance I may be wrong and I didn't have any proof.  I didn't want to give him false hope."
Iris felt her heart being stabbed.
"Anyway.  Two years ago your husband met the butterfly kwami Lycca.  He gave him the power to turn into Hawkmoth and told him about the god like powers.  Lycca said he could use it to bring you back.  As Hawkmoth he terrorized Pairs to get hold of the earrings and the ring.  He created supervillians by using black butterflies known as akumas."
Iris was staring at her lap.
"I picked two teenagers to deal with him.  I gave a girl the earrings and a boy the ring.  They became Ladybug and Chat Noir.  The boy was your son."
She looked up at him.
"I didn't know they were related at the time.  Heck we didn't know your husband was Hawkmoth until the very end.  Ladybug convinced your son to give earrings and the ring to your husband.  He used the wish and sadly you didn't appear.  I had hope though."
"The wish broke the curse!" Pain butted in.
Fu smiled at her and then looked up.  "Exactly.  If my hunch was right I knew something happened to the peacock miraculous.
Pain floated up into the air and faced Iris.  "I sense the curse was broken, but we were in Japan at the time.  Rin was in the process of finishing years of training.  He told Kou that in August they would return to Paris.  I decided to keep us inside the miraculous until then because I wanted to protect you.  Otherwise it would of been hard for us to escape Japan and returned safely to Paris."
"That was a wise decision, Pain," Fu said.
Iris gave Pain a weak smile.  Pain floated back down to the table and sat down.
"Again I'm sorry about all of this.."
Iris fidgeted in her seat.  "How are they..?"
"Your family?"
She nodded her head.
"For the most part fine," Fu replied and stroke his bread.  "But I sense the bond between father and son is broken."
Iris bit down on her lip and placed her hand over it.  More tears were escaping from her eyes.
Fu let out a sigh.  He didn't want to see her suffer anymore.  "Iris, I think it's time we call it night.  We can finish talking about this in the morning." She just nodded her head.  Both of them then stood up and he showed her a guest room. "You can stay here for the night."
"Thank you," she muttered.
"Good night, Iris.  Wayzz , Pain, let's go."  Fu started to walk away.
"Ah, Fu.  Can I stay with her?" Pain asked remaining by Iris's side.
Fu looked back at her for a minute.  He then nodded his head.  "Is that okay with you, Iris?"
Iris looked up at the bird kwami who gave her a comforting smile.  "Sure."
"Well good night you two." Fu then left and went into his own room.
"Master," Wayzz, when they entered his room.  "I think Pain has grown attached to Iris."
"I think so to."
"What are you gong to do?"
"What do you think?" he gave his kwami a sly smile.
Meanwhile Iris sat down on the bed and untie her hair from its ponytail.  It fell down and she allowed her hair to cover face.  She sat there with a blank expression on her face.  She eventually laid down and curled up into a ball.  Pain landed beside her and snuggled up to her cheek.
"I'm sorry," she said her voice cracking.  She was in tears.
Iris gentle patted her on the head.  "It's not your fault."
"Yes it is!  I should have never gave him my miraculous, but I didn't want my former master to die!  He was going to kill her!"
"You did what you thought was right.."
"But I ruin your life."
Iris sat up and looked down at her.  "Don't say that, Pain. "
"But your family.."
Iris fidgeted and closed her eyes.  She thought back about what Fu said.  Their bond was broken.  The question was how?  Was it because the struggle of being a single parent or was it because of this whole Hawkmoth thing?  Or was it both?  Something must really happened between them and Iris wasn't sure what she wanted to do.
"Are you going to go home to them?"  Pain asked.
Iris opened her eyes.  "Yes, but I don't know what I'm going to do.."
"Fix things?"
Iris's gaze went to the window (magic allowed there to be windows to the outside) and she stared out it.  Could she fix things?  Adrien was a teenager now which could make things difficult.  She bit her lip.  She had to give it shot.  She didn't want him to hold a grudge against Gabriel.  She has seen what grudges can do to people.  She looked back at Pain.  "I have to give it a shot."
"I'm sure you can do it!" Pain sat up and gave her a look of encouragement.  "You seem like a kind person."
Iris smiled at the kwami and laid back down next to her.  "Thank you."  She started to cry again. 
The next morning Iris woke up.  She sat up and rubbed her eyes.  They felt puffy from all of the crying she did last night.  She ended up crying herself to sleep.  Iris glanced down at Pain and saw she was still fast asleep.  She smiled at her.  Pain stayed up with her until she fell asleep.
Iris got out of bed and looked around the room.  It was small guest room.  It just had a bed, a night stand, a closet, and a dresser.  She frowned.  Iris realized she didn't have fresh clothes to change into.  It would be nice to change clothes.  She then decided to take a shower.  At least she could do that.  Fu probably wouldn't mind.  Iris left her room and found a bathroom in the hallway.  She went inside and took a quick shower. 
When she hopped out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around her body.  The warm water really helped her calm down.  She grabbed a comb from the vanity and her clothes.  She peaked her out of the door and didn't see Fu.  So she went straight to her room.  When she went inside, she found Pain awake.
"Good morning!" she said cheerfully.  She seem to be in a better mood.
"Morning," Iris replied as she dried her hair and body off with the towel.
"How are you feeling?"
"Alright I guess.  I think I'll feel better, when I get home."
"They'll be happy to see you I'm sure."
"Oh, I'm sure."
"What are they like?"
Iris smiled. "Wait right here." She got dressed and went back into the living room.  She grabbed her purse and returned to her room.  She pulled out her wallet which contain pictures of her family.  One of just Adrien.  She showed it to her first and talked about him a for good five minutes.  She then moved on to Gabriel.  She showed their wedding photo.
"They sound lovely!"
"Yeah.." Iris trailed off and put the pictures away.  "They're probably different now.."
"I'm sure they still love you especially your husband!  He sounded determined to get you back!"
"Yeah.." Iris put the purse on the night stand.  It made her happy that Gabriel was so dedicated to their marriage, but Adrien should have came first.  She shook her head.  She had to look toward the future.  Dwelling on the past won't fix things.  Iris hoped they would be willing to bring their family back together.  She was positive that Gabriel regretted his actions.  He just had to!
"Oo!!" Pain shouted and floated around like crazy. "I smell breakfast!  We should go check it out!"
They both left the room and found the kitchen.  Fu was standing in front of the stove cooking while Wayzz sat on the kitchen table eating a carrot.  Fu noticed them and gave them a smile.  "Good morning you two.'
"Morning," Iris said and sat down at the table.
"Did you sleep well?"
"I guess.."
Fu walked over to her placed a plate of pancakes in front of her.  "Things will get better.  Trust me." he gave her a wink.
Iris beamed and gave him a warm smile.  That meant a lot to her.  She grabbed the fork and a knife and started to eat her food.  Pain sat down next the plate and stared at it. 
"Those are called pancakes," Wayzz explained to her.
"Are they made of flour?" she asked.
"Oh boy!! Fu can I have some please!?"
Fu laughed.  "Of course.  Coming right up."
"Do you like sweets, Pain?"  Iris asked.
"Yep, but bread is my favorite food!" she replied happily.
Iris stared at her for a second.  So did that mean she was named after her favorite food?  She then started to laugh.
Fu brought a plate of pancakes over to Pain and then few minutes later he joined them.  "So do you have any questions?"
"Um," Iris replied.  She had to think for a moment.  She guess her family still had their miraculoues because otherwise they would be with the remaining two.  Then the earrings came to mind.  Ladybug must have them still as well.  She wondered if she would meet her.  "Who's Ladybug?"
Fu chuckled.  "Adrien's girlfriend."
Iris gasped and dropped her silverware.  "No way!"
Fu chuckled.  "You what to know the best part?"
"What?" Iris lean in closer.  Her eyes were wide with curiosity.
Fu gave her a grin and explained a love square that was form between her son and Marinette.  Iris couldn't help, but let out a laugh during the whole explanation.  "Isn't it amusing?"
"Yes," Iris said and wiped a tear from her eye.  It felt good to laugh so hard.  She could actually picture it.  Looked like Adrien was still naive.  She took a deep breath to calm herself down. "So what is this Marinette girl like?"
"Hmm I'm not the best describing people, but she is a good match for your son.  They love each other very much.  I'm sure you will like her."
"Does she make Adrien happy?"
Iris smiled.  She looked down at her food.  She was happy that Adrien was able to go school and meet a girl.  It gave her hope about Gabriel.
"Next question?"
She looked back at him and frowned.  She thought hard for a moment.  "The brothers.  Will they attack Paris?"
"Yes mostly likely.  I'm afraid Adrien will have to fight them.  Your husband too."
"I see.." she wasn't thrilled about this.  The brothers seem dangerous.
"I want you to have the peacock miraculous."
"Yess!" Pain cheered and floated up into the air.
Iris was startle about this. "Why?"
"Because you two seem like a prefect match."
"Please, Iris!" the kwami faced her and gave her a puppy look.
Iris stared long at her.  Pain was very sweet.  Despite only knowing each other less than 24 hours she could tell she cared about her.  She just smiled and nodded her head. "Sure, but do I have to fight?  I'm not sure if I'm capable of fighting." Pain let out another cheer of joy.
Fu shook his head. "No, but you should learn how to use your powers.  Things could have gone bad last night if I didn't interfere.  Pain will be able to explain things to you."
"Any other questions?"
"No I think I'm good."
They continued their breakfast mostly in silence.  After they were done eating, Iris grabbed her purse and her miraculous.  Before she headed out the door she turned to Fu and thank him.
"No need to thank me.  Be careful on your way home."
"I will." Iris turned to the door and placed her hand on the doorknob.  As she turned it something occurred to her.  The brothers knew her civilian appearance which meant if they spot her walking home.. Iris turned to Fu.  "I can't go home!"
"Huh?" he looked confused.  "Why not?"
"Because they know what I look like!  They could be searching for me right now!  If they spot me they'll follow me home and will find out my family hold miraculoues as well!  I'll put them into danger!"
Fu just stared at her.  Her concern made sense, but she was overreacting.  He couldn't blame her though.  "I paced a charm on your house and on them.  They can't track them.  I put one on you last night."
"You did?"
"When I pinched you," Fu said with a smirk.
"But they could still spot me in a crowd!"
Fu shook his head.  "Alright.  You can stay here, but under one condition."
"What is it?"
"You must fight the brothers."

Iris just nodded her head.  She wasn't thrilled about it, but she wanted to protect her family.  They could wait a little bit longer.

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:51 pm

Adrien looked out of his window the next day and smiled. The sun was shining with very few clouds in the sky; a perfect day to go out. Was Marinette busy today? He couldn't remember her saying she had anything to do. His smile grew a bit bigger and he turned to where his kwami was still lazing about on his bed.

"Hey Plagg," he said. The kwami looked at him quizzically but didn't get a chance to process Adrien's smile as he lifted his hand. "Claws out!"

In retrospect, he probably shouldn't be jumping across the rooftops when there was a duo of dangerous sorcerers somewhere looking for him, but he'd gone too long without transforming. He needed the time to enjoy the city.

Chat did a few passes of the bakery, making sure there really was no danger from prying eyes before landing onto the balcony and knocking on Marinette's window.
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:57 pm

Marinette was sitting on her lounge couch reading a book, when she heard a knock on the window. She jumped and looked back and saw Chat sitting on the windowsill. She was alarmed thinking there was a attack, but she noticed a grin on his face. She sighed and walked over to the window and let him in.

"You know we have a door? My parents will let you in," she slightly scolded him.

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:03 am

Chat shrugged, still grinning. "I know. But then your parents would know you're having a secret love affair with one of Paris's great heroes. It would break poor Adrien's heart, you know. So the window is a way better idea. Plus, it's fun." He gave her a playful look, his tail waving slowly back and forth.

"So, what do you say about a date today? It's beautiful outside."
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:07 am

Marinette just returned his playful smile and flicked his bell. "I'm not sure. If we go out then all of Paris will know our secret love affair. What would Ladybug think?"

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:12 am

His expression changed to thoughtful, though his eyes still had the glint of playfulness. "You know, I hear Ladybug has more of a thing for Adrien than me. She'd probably be happy someone finally took in this stray. As for the rest of Paris... Well, they never have to see. We have every rooftop in the city at our disposal, and people don't tend to look up."
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:18 am

"Oh, well aren't you being naughty," she gave him a smirk. "I'm sure you know the perfect spot where we can be all alone." She moved in closer and got up on tippy toes so they were at eye level.

Iris sat in the living room going through her purse.  She pulled out her wallet and counted out the money she had on her.  She let out a sigh.  She only had enough money on her to buy one outfit.  She may be rich, but you don't carry a bunch of money on you.  She did have some credit cards, but they were expired..  Besides Gabe would notice if she used them since he was in charge of all of the bills.
"Do you need more money?" Fu asked her who was in the middle of going through the miraculous book.  He wanted to make sure the brothers didn't do anything to it.
"Yes," she replied.  "I need clothes..."
Fu got up and left the room.  He then returned with his wallet and pulled out a credit card and handed it to her.  "Here."
Iris stared at the card before taking it.  "Are you sure?"
"Yes.  I'm not made of money, but I do have quite a bit." Fu sat back down in front of the table.  "I'm 200 years old after all."
"168," Wayzz corrected him.
Fu waved his hand.
"Are you really that old?" Iris stared at him in disbelief.
"Yes due to the powers of the turtle."
"Oh, wow," Iris said and looked at the card.  "Well, thank you so much.  I'll pay you back, when this is all over."
"Don't worry about it."
"You sure?"
"Hmm how about you repay me by helping out around here?  Sometimes my back acts up so it's hard to clean and cook."
Iris's eyes lit up.  "I'm a great cook!  I can also sew!"
Fu laughed.  "Excellent!  I can't sew at all so I always take my clothes to a tailor."
"I can teach you if you want.  It's actually pretty simple to patch up clothes."
Iris smiled at him.  That meant she could go into a craft store and by sewing supplies.  She couldn't wait to be surrounded by her hobby again.  She put the credit card into her wallet and then put the it away.  She stood up.  "I guess I should be going."
"Wait!" Fu got up and left the room.  He then returned with some sun glasses.  "You should cover your face."
She took the sunglasses from him.  They were big and round so it would cover a good portion of her face.  "Oh, good idea." she then frowned and looked down at her dress.  She wondered if people would recognize her in this dress.  If her disappearance was on TV then they must of shown images of her of that day?  She shrugged.  It was six years ago no one would remember what she wore, right?
"Be careful.  Pain, have you told her about your powers?"
Pain was sitting on the table eating bread this whole time.  She jumped into the air. "No!"
"Be sure to get on that." Fu then chuckled.  "Well have fun you two.  I'll be here.  Oh!  Iris later tonight I will be out.  Once a month I get together with friends and play cards.  So you're on your own for dinner."
"Alright," Iris said and put on her sunglasses.
"Will you remember how to get back?"
"I believe so."
"If you forget we're across the street from Pierre's Cafe.  Believe or not it's the only cafe in the city that uses that name."
"Gotcha.  Let's go, Pain." 
"Yay!!" Pain went to Iris's purse.
Iris turned to leave.
"Wait!!!" Fu shouted.
Iris almost lost her balance as she turned to look back at him.  "Yes?"
Fu grabbed the peacock miraculous on the table.  "You need to keep this on you at all times."
"Oh, thank you." Iris grabbed and pinned it on her dress.  She then left the house and headed out into the city.

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:45 am

Chat smiled flirtatiously as he whispered, "Of course, Princess. I'll take you there," he said, leaning in for a kiss. Just as their lips touched, he felt his transformation drop in a flurry of magic. It didn't stop him from the deep kiss he initiated, but it did destroy the fantasy they had started.

Plagg flew away from them, looking ready to vomit, and joined Tikki. "Those two make me sick sometimes. Not a care in the world that they do stuff like that transformed," he complained.

Adrien smiled as the kiss ended.  "I guess I'll have to sneak out downstairs..  So, want to get lunch?"
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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:26 pm

Marinette felt her stomach dropped, when Chat leaned in closer. She swear their love square game would be end of her someday. She wrapped her arms around him and returned the kiss.

Tikki just laughed at Plagg's comment. "They're just having some fun."

Marinette's cheeks were bright red after the kiss. "Sure."

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PostSubject: Re: Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds   Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:26 pm

Plagg scoffed at Tikki. "You have way too much patience for their love square antics.  You should convince Marinette to initiate more.  At least with her as Ladybug, I'm not part of it.  I refuse to let that kid stay transformed if all he plans to do is make out with his girlfriend."

Adrien smiled, enjoying how cute she was with the blush spreading across her face.  "Great! My treat.  I'll go outside and wait while you tell your parents you're going."
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Miraculous Ladybug: Broken Bonds

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