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 Isaac Traurig, The Lone Wanderer.(WIP)

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PostSubject: Isaac Traurig, The Lone Wanderer.(WIP)   Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:31 am

Name:  Isaac Traurig
Meaning (if any):  Isaac: Will Laugh. A contrary to his cold personality. Whenever he smiles, it’s on rare occasion. Traurig: Gloomy, Sad.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: WIP


Height: 1.71 m.
Weight:  170 pounds

A young boy with golden hair and cold blue eyes. He wears a Yellow scarf, a blue jacket with a red shirt beneath. He wears brown gloves and boots along with blue pants.  On his belt he wears multiple bags to put anything he considers useful; On his back he wears his sword. It’s interesting to note that this cloth is made of a special material which keeps body temperature at normal levels, though what he wears makes him often stand out, He isn’t muscular but not a wimp either, having travelled lots, working on mining and wielding swords has given him some muscles and he is thin and tall, with a white skin. On his left arm he has a rather large scar.

Other Attires include a sleeveless shirt, black baggy pants and sport shoes, or a blue shirt and matching pants and black tennis shoes.


Likes: Orange Juice, Sun/Moonlight, Stars, Minerals.

Dislikes: Crowds, Lies, Rust, Disordered Bookshelves.

A Stoic, sarcastical, cynical person. Isaac sticks alone for most of the time. Because of the current situation of the unprotected dimension and due to his upbringing, he trusts little to no soul. To that end he can be considered individualistic to a sense that most people are annoyed by his cold demeanor.

A highly intelligent individual, he is prone to act by logic rather than feelings. Seeing the pragmatical solution to things isn't always helpful and to many he has ice in his blood. Unknown to many however is that he has emotions but prefers to keep them away, as he doesn't want to get hurt. nside he is kind, caring and somewhat of a gentleman and this side resurfaces upon meeting his comrades, though this does not mean he isn't cold to them either.

The Situation of the unprotected dimension, has furthered hardened his heart. As seeing people get punished every day by bad people made a strong impact on his sense of justice, and while he has no qualms on injuring enemies, he has a no kill policy and will only do so at an extreme situation.

While, he doesn’t believe in the government’s justice, he doesn’t think justice is blue and orange either, as in his own words, he is a destroyer and in due time will pay his debts for hurting innocent people in his attacks, Showing a regretful, vulnerable side for what he is done despite trying to help the people.

To his comrades Isaac is initially distant only treating them in a professional manner, however he develops a close bond with each after each one teaches him a valuable lesson in life; This is why, rather than berating them, he tries to serve as an emotional and moral pillar as he’s already accustomed to battle. While battle has made him sensitive to suffering, it also made him blind to other's peoples feelings toward him and needs to value that to progress further.

Isaac prefers the night to attack as everyone let’s their guard down, also he is very cautious, taking any needs and planning very carefully his plan, taking in account any incidents that might come in. However calm he is, seeing acts of cruelty or useless violence will awaken a fury in him, sometimes calm and sometimes with little to no qualm of recklessness, due to seeing the suffering of the people he will sometimes lose and attack; Something which many enemies take advantage of. Also his strong sense of justice is easily put to the test by many enemies whose actions appear correct to many. Such thing causes him to doubt who has the just cause and is another exploitable weakness.

Due to the life he’s lived, he’s quite unknown of many social customs and, while love is not unknown to him, he doesn’t know how to express his feelings nor when to identify if anyone likes him and acts rather awkward if he does, even his icy front seems to melt and warms up to that person, though to do so they need to see the person inside the icy wanderer, a lone soul, wounded and with no one to return to. His cynicism and sarcasm are due to him trying be defensive of people. To that end, many put up with it, or berate him for hiding his nature.


Powers(Will progress as he levels up)

A great battle hardened individual, Isaac calmly tries to assess the situation. He tries to overwhelm the enemy as quickly as possible. Trying to be powerful and light, his body-weight has a mild resistance to damage and suitable for long encounters. While having crowd control attacks, he is at a natural disadvantage due to him working alone. Also big foes have an effect on him as his body is normal and heavy attacks will take a toll eventually.


Main Skill: Denka(電化, Electrification): Being gifted with supernatural abilities, he is able to control lightning as his will in both offense, defense and support. Also able to charge anything that’s close to him and even jolt enemies or hold them down with volts. Being extremely versatile he also uses a sword to improve offense.


Raijingeki(雷神撃,Thunder sword strike): Isaac will strike the enemy with a thunder charged sword, remaining volts will scatter and damage nearby enemies. It takes a bit to charge but has chances to cause paralysis.

Raikousen(雷光閃, Lightning Flash): Isaac will charge his sword and  forward slash, briefly going invisible, producing a horizontal bolt of Thunder that can knock out weak enemies and produce paralysis from time to time. It is useful for both single and crowd encounters

Jiku-ken isen(磁空剣一閃, Magnet Sky Sword Flash): Isaac will jump into the air performing a leap upward slash with a a blue blade overcharged with volts. The enemies will be sent upwards and crash into the ground.

Flash Impact(フラッシュ・インパクト, Furasshu Inpakuto): Isaac will dash rapidly towards the enemy with electric charged fists. He first starts by hitting with a frontal punch then, with an uppercut that will send them skywards.

Den-ha(電 刃, Electric blade wave): Will send a crescent moon shaped projectile from his hand or sword. As if it were a boomerang, the attack ricochets on the walls from 2-3 times, very useful for distraction and combos.


Jiryoku:(磁力, Magnetic Force): To protect allies or himself from weapons such as lasers, bullets, swords and he will create a ball of electric energy in his hand and extend it. Any attack or magic will be redirected towards it. When sufficiently charged, the orb will transform into 5 bolts of electric energy, striking all foes. However, he can only concentrate on this attack and is vulnerable from behind or above if correctly attacked. He stores the charge on his body and can resume the defense later.

Photon Rising Stream(反射光子流,Foton Raijingu Sutorīmu): Extending his hand, he will create a ring of light that can deflect projectiles and basic weaponry. Can only be held for a limited time before needing to recharge.


Charge(チャージ, Chāji): Will use volts to heal and relax his nerves and muscles, restoring life and improving agility a bit.



There's no change reflected in my clean eyes along the roadside.
A whirlwind has coiled around my wrists
Making a vow to the wounds I got from my past self.

The blue sky is wrapped in grey
I've waited impatiently as the wind caresses my shoulders and ask:

'Who are the rivals who are allies with others?'
It's easier than being afraid
So I run, striking out my fists again
Driving away the 'loneliness' lodged in my heart.
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Isaac Traurig, The Lone Wanderer.(WIP)

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