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 Dawn of a New Era

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Cafe Cat
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PostSubject: Dawn of a New Era   Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:42 am

The day was bright and warm. The kind of day that she loved so much. Maybe that was why it hurt so much to stand there and listen as they all tried to hold their sobs back. The sun glinted off the crystals around them, Cadence had done her best to make them match her mark, it had been a harder feat than one would guess. The sun was never easy to recreate.

Twilight Sparkle stood by the pure white stone with the crystal sun inlayed in it. Her eyes were red and puffy, she'd not really stopped crying so much as she had no more tears to cry. She barely had any voice left to speak, and no pony was expecting her to. Lifting her horn to the rising sun violet magic flowed slowly from her, as she used her magic, one of the first spells she was ever taught, to direct the sunlight on to the crystal. The glow was soft at first but soon exploded around the gathered ponies, bathing them all in a soft warm white light.

"She was more than our Princess, she was our friend." The words cracked and dry left Twilight's lips before she'd known she'd said anything at all. Everypony nodded and in turn paid their respects to the Princess Celestia, before leaving only Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Twilight and the rest of the gang from Ponyville.

Each in turn left after a longer moment, leaving only Luna and Twilight at the stone.

"I know that there are things that you don't want to think about or deal with right now." Luna said, "But she left you something Twilight, and I think it might help if you found out now." She said placing a wing over the younger pony. "come on." She guided the grieving pony back into the castle.

The halls where silent, the walls draped in black cloth, the mood around the castle greatly depressed. No one saw the princess' death coming. It was sudden for the ponies of the kingdom, but Celestia knew that she was dying. A century of raising both the sun and the moon had taken its toll on the alicorn, little to the knowledge of her subjects. Luna had started to suspect that something was wrong with her sister only shortly before her downfall. She raised the sun for the last time 3 days ago. She went to bed and never got back up.

Luna lead Twilight to the throne room. "Come sit." Luna guided the other filly. "This," She said using her magic to lift a scroll, " Is Celestia's will." Stepping over to where Twilight stood, she smiled a sad gentle smile. "She left you something most precious, her powers and role as Princess." Luna waited for Twilight to speak but the other filly couldnt find any words, only more tears that flowed down her cheeks unsure if she was happy for this gift or hurt for it being the last thing she would ever receive from her mentor. Twilight cried in silence as Luna wrapped her forelegs around the other filly, trying her best to comfort the other filly for her lost one that she too felt deeply.

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Chat de la Lune
Cafe Cat
Cafe Cat

Posts : 1089
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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of a New Era   Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:43 am

The day of the coronation was upon them and the dawn light was soft and warm. Twilight hadn't been able to sleep. Luna and the others had refused to let her see to any of the details of her coronation though she protested stating it would calm her nerves they still told her no and sent her to her room. She needed to rest and she needed to learn the sun.

The sun as it tuned out was a finicky being with a mind of it's own. For the last few days Twilight hadn't been able to raise the blasted thing without Luna with her, since it turned out it was moping too. But it was different this morning. It came when Twilight called without a fight. Maybe it'd finally gotten used to the idea or maybe it sensed her agitation and gave her an easy time. Either way the sun was up and she'd done it alone.

The throne room was buzzing with activity ponies were everywhere placing last minuet arrangements for the coronation at Rarity's direction. That had to go there and no no no those go over there. She would see to it that her friend would have the perfect coronation, though she was a little envious, but no other pony she knew could handle the responsibilities of being a princess like Twilight could. Spike ducked through the crowd with a tray balanced in his claws with his oldest friend's breakfast on it. He worried about Twilight, she'd not been eating much lately and this morning he was going to see to it that she ate at least something. Pinkie set up the after party and Applejack was busy in the kitchens preparing food for the event. Dash was off helping to make sure the clouds stayed away and Fluttershy was hiding in a garden away from the busy room and ponies.

Twilight sat on her balcony and sighed. She'd never felt so alone in her life.

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Dawn of a New Era

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