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 Shingo Kino/ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (Ready For Review)

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Shingo Kino/ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (Ready For Review)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:19 pm

General Information

Name: Shingo Kino

Age: 13
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 12


Shingo is tall for his age, 5’1”. He had short chestnut hair, and keeps his bangs spiked up in the front. He wears the standard school uniform of dark pants, jacket and white shirt. While not in school he prefers to wear t-shirts, any color but pink, purple and yellow. His favorite shirt is his Eiji Sawamura jersey, his favorite player and hero. He never leaves home without his Yomiuri Giants hat or his lightning bolt pendant, which is his “transformation brooch”

As a senshi, his uniform consists of a white short sleeved shirt and the cuffs have two forest green stripes. The collar of the shirt has a dark green stripe as well. His pants dark forest green and on the cuffs on the pants are two white stripes. Around his waist is a thin white belt and the buckle is the lightning bolt from his pendant. When he returns to civilian form, the lightning bolt becomes a pendant again.


Shingo is an outgoing and laid back. He is not quick to anger and will walk up to anyone and start a conversation. His favorite sport is baseball and his hero is Eiji Sawamura, the greatest Japanese pitcher. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport. His dream is to become a pitcher for the Yomiuri Giants. He is also good with track and field events, the javelin in particular. While he is outgoing on the outside, he is unsure of himself at times. He sees Makoto’s strength and worries that he will never live up to her. If he fails at something or does not do as well as he expects he is hard on himself.

Shingo is an average student. He is not at the top of the class or at the bottom. He struggles with math and tends to become frustrated while working on his homework. Just like his mother he enjoys cooking but like his father, he is useless around plants. He is quick to defend his friends and gets into the occasional fight if he sees someone picking on someone else. He enjoys reading manga and going to the movies. He gets along well with the senshi and their children.


Shingo is the son of Makoto. He grew up hearing out his mother’s exploits as a senshi. When he was younger he would pretend that he was fighting as senshi alongside Makoto. While playing outside Makoto noticed that he was lifting up large rocks, that a child his own age should not be able to.. She became to suspect that he may be a senshi and wanted him to be tested. Once it was determined that he was a senshi Makoto began to train him. Shingo adapted very quickly to the training. He felt as though it was his destiny to be a senshi. He felt that the training made him stronger and helped him with his baseball dreams.

His goal is to be able to balance his duties as a senshi and baseball player. He fears that he will have to give up the game he loves due to this duties as a senshi. He does get reluctant every now and then with his training because of that. His father was a baseball player who had to retire early due to injury. He does not want to share the same fate and wants to be sure that he stays healthy. A coach passing by a playground saw Shingo and his friends playing baseball. The coach saw that Shingo had a gift for the game, approached his parents about putting him a neighborhood league. Once he joined he worked on his skills as a pitcher and has won many awards.

Special Abilities: Shingo is a great athlete and excels at baseball and field events.

Magical Girl/Villain/Knight Information

Magical Girl/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Chibi Jupiter
Transformation(s): Mercury Power make up
Weapons or Items:

Lightning Bolt Pendant – Used for transforming
Javelin Bolt – A lightning bolt appears in his hand and he throws it like a javelin at an enemy
Lightning Burst – A ball of energy appears in between his hands and he throws it, as he would a baseball at the enemy.

Guardian: n/a

History as a Magical Girl/Knight

Once is was discovered that he is a senshi, Makoto began to train him. While he has not faced an enemy, Makoto has tried to make his training as realistic as possible. Shingo is learning how to harness his power. He is struggling to gain control of it and it is a work in progress.

Other: n/a

RP Sample:

Shingo closed his eyes and listened to the wind. He has been at it for over an hour. Shingo knew that his biggest problems were to focus and stay in control. He tried to do too much at once and he just becomes erratic and causes more damage than he intends too. In front of him were destroyed targets. Shingo pushed those failures out of his mind. His mother always told him to not dwell on the failures but to learn from them.

“Lightning burst.”  Shingo whispered.

Shingo felt the energy building in his hands. He opened his eyes and looked down at the orb crackling in the palm of his hands. Shingo looked towards the last remaining target. He stepped back as though he was on the pitching mound, arm going back. Shingo zeroed in on the target before releasing the orb. He watched as it hit dead center. Shingo smiled. He knew that he made a big step towards becoming a senshi. He turned around as he heard quiet clapping and saw that his mother was standing behind him.

“Have you been there the entire time?” He asked.

“Yes.” Makoto smiled. “Your aim has improved.”

“Improved? I have always had good aim, I just wanted to hold back a little because I did not want to embarrass anyone.” Shingo nodded.

Mother and son looked at each other before they burst out laughing.

“It is time to clean up for dinner.” Makoto smiled.

Shingo took one last look at the target he managed to hit, smiled and followed his mother back home.

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PostSubject: Re: Shingo Kino/ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (Ready For Review)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:22 pm

Such wow. I loved his baseball attacks and he seems really friendly and loved his baseball cap. I hope I can see him battle. Approved!

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Magical Girl
Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Shingo Kino/ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (Ready For Review)   Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:47 pm

Thank you kindly! Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Shingo Kino/ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (Ready For Review)   

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Shingo Kino/ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (Ready For Review)

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