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 7 Generals: Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.

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PostSubject: 7 Generals: Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.   Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:26 am

Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.

Real name : Sieghart (Derived from the Germanic elements sigu "victory" and beraht "bright") Lebrecht ("Live rightly" from German lebe "live" and recht "right".) Sieghart Lebrecht: "Live righteously and brightly, victoriously)

Gender: Male.

Birthday: December 25

Age: 15


Sieghart is a good looking young man with short blonde hair, grey eyes and a mole under his left eye. He is quite tall for his age and has a slender complexion, white skin and a thin body type. He is not muscular, but is not a pusover either. He's always seen with a tuxedo, or formal clothing as he believes a general should always be presentable for battle, he prefers somber, darker and more melancholic colors. When he uses casual clothes he prefers green or blue.

His scale:

Represents the mythical creature, the Kraken, a gigantic octopus/Squid. The shoulder plates have to big white jewels in them, while the ches has a "v" form and a replica of the Artic pearl. The guantlets are linked to the body via small cords and both arms have small dagger like claws at the end. On the back, 4 tentacles come out as if they were chains and they can be moved at will. They are made of a special alloy of iron and other elements that make them flexible and unbreakeable, Blades are concealed under the guantlets and the tentacles as weapones. The waist has the mask in between its legs and it opens when he wears it, the boots are on the behind, and have knee protectors as well. This scale shines white, as the glaciers shine in the cloudy Artic


Being soft spoken, formal and serious, he's also a very polite individual when it comes to his manner and personality. While he spends time with people and looks like a generally liekeable individual that is merely a part of his work. He is an extremely judgmental and critical individual with burning hatred for evil, which contrasts with his calm demeanor.

Because of this, his sense of justice is very high and strives to do the correct in situations which normal people would consider very hard and goes as far as comparing himself to the animal of his scale; The Kraken, which was said to sink ships because of the evil individuals aboard but spared the ones who had a righetous heart. In this manner, he conflicts with the other generals' sense of justice as to him, he lives life in either black or white and his radical views are backed up by his determination to do good, making him an example in the Atlantean army.

Having little else to think of, he is as cold as the ocean as he protects, while showing a calm personality, his heart is icy and as such, is a very pragmatical individual, trying not to let emotion get in his way and though often he succeeds, there are sometimes he hates himself for having a human heart and not being able to be ruthless. In such a manner he disregards other people's feelings for him, save for some of the other generals. This coldness is due to an early incident in his life, in which he resolved to be like the glaciers in the Artic, cold, unbreakeable and feared.

Because of his tendency to judge other people, he is percieved as an incredibly stubborn individual whose determination is worthy of admiration, however the little people that care for him, find that annoying and some cute to an extent, though he does not care. He is also like that with his feelings, reluctant to show them and thinking they are meaningless.

He has a soft side for kids, as to him, they are innocent and often is seen helping them or even playing with them, as he gives off a "big-brother aura" which they love and as such, he is popular with the kids and women due to his good looks, and though he is accostumed, he gets easily flustered in Atlantis' banquets where they tend to flirt a lot with him and while tries to answer to his best, to him women are a mystery.

His motto is "Keep the cool" to the end and even in battle, he rarely shows emotion with the exception of disgust and scorn for bad hearted people. Much like a glacier, he is harsh and cold but has softness inside, Sieghart's usual way of speaking is how he used to be long ago, he can be percieved as a cold individual with a wounded soul and heart.

He takes his general duty very seriously and has no mercy for those who live merely to kill in the ocean, in this manner, he has sunk lots of pirate ships only after talking to all the members or in some cases beaten all, he knows being a general is important and, while he is not completely tolerant of the conflict with the United Lands, he subdues enemies of the ocean as that is his justice.

Being a part of the 
Lebrecht family, a prideful and wealthy family from the frozen lands of the north, Sieghart grew in affluence and became a proud, kind boy with a desire to represent his family as best as he could and help the people of the frozen tundras. He was also overprotected by his parents and though he didn't like to be pampered, he let them do as they wish, as he was their only son, this however made him a lonely boy.

Being raised with great altruism, he was loved by the population and they looked forward to the day when he took over on his family's business, fishing in a perhaps prophetic fashion, their best catches were...Squids.

Doing his best in his studies, his father and mother gave him kindness and an unwavering sense of justice that, to this day still remain in him. He would hold on to these values in his early life. Also training himself in magic, volt and electricity were his specialty and feeling he was destined to help people, he carried on. However, he would meet his destiny sooner than he thought. At age 11, his family held a banquet and his parents told him they had found a suitable girl for him to court, feeling pampered, he was about to oppose. But, as if destiny played him a prank...

The girl whom they had chosen, made his heart skip a beat. After properly meeting, his heart made him unable to accept and from then on, she lived with him as his future wife. Trying to devote himself to work, and telling himself this was a big mistake, Sieghart tried to distance himself from her. She on the other hand, simply let him be and smiled for him, chiding him for overworking himself and taking care of him in any type of sickness he got. It was as if the sun melted a glacier, he could not say no to her and her wamr smile. To everyone, it was clear she had deep feelings for him and he complied. However...

One day one of her buttlers, told him to go to an icy cliff and she wanted to tell hime a message. Puzzled, he went as fast as possible. Once there, she was there staring at the icy sea and surprised at his arrival but delighted. Asking what did she called him for, his fiancée did not understand his words. Then the same buttler, shot him in the back with a poisoned arrow.

The girl asked what this meant, the attacker told her that all her family wanted was the fortune of the Lebrechts and that's why they were introduced to each other. She replies that she knew nothing of it and loudly declared her feelings for Sieghart. The wounded youth got up and understood everything, with a bleeding wounds in both body and heart, he prepared to attack and while she tried to help him Sieghart refused her help and decided to defend himself.

Using his volt magic he critically injured his attacker but due to the wounds and poison the attack did not paralyze him. Sieghart's fiancée used restraining magic to hold him in place. She rush to his aid but to her surprise he did not want her help and called her a traitor. In tears, she told him she did not know why this happened. The distraction caused her to undo the magic, albeit unsconsciously and the buttler aimed at her so their deaths looked like an attempt on the Lebrechts. In his apparently last act of valor, he pushed her out of the way and took another arrow on the shoulder. The attacker approached and tried to give him the last blow but he used his Raijinshou to drag them both into the sea; Sieghart fell into a whirlpool and the last thing he heard was his name being called by her.

With big wounds, the blonde boy almost drowned but by chance was brought to an unknown place to him. Wandering in the forest, he cursed his naiveness and walked without a destination. The poison and the wounds inflicted to him by the whirlpool got to him and fell down on the snow, waiting for death.

He was found by someone and taken to Atlantis to cure him. When he woke up, Sea Dragon, the general of the north atlantic had saved him and brought him to the city. Reluctantly, he told his story to the general and the queen. Moved by him, the queen took him to the hall where the scales were held, with a new personality, filled with scorn towards the ones who hurt him, cold as his homeland and with hatred for those who did evil onto others, the Agate chose him and he was reborn as Kraken.

3 days later, he teleported to his home and his parents were ecstatic, wearing proudly the scale of the Kraken, he told them he would now fight for the sea and for justice and told them he would get revenge. His parents told him she was not connected to those who planned his death but, with his new ruthless disposition, he declared justice would be brought onto them. Despite his new attitude, his parents were very proud and promised to keep the fact that he survived a secret.

Now protecting the Artic in the name of Atlantis, he was filled with determination and contempt. Deep in his heart, he knows he'll find the 2 who planned his death and bring punishment to them...

Special abilities(will progress as Rp goes on):

Much like the legendary creature and the ocean he guards, his magic is based on ice, water and oddly enough electricity, some people grant squids and jelly fish electric properties in their propoerties, because of an "electric coating" they carry, so this is probably the reason he is adept at it.

As the scale contains swords, he is very adept at swordplay with any type of sword. As more often than not, he requests 1 on 1 duels with captains so as to have a "fair duel". Attacking him requieres a lot of thought as he has basically 6 arms to defend himself with and can easily control crowds and one on one duels, however while he is able to keep his cool, enough provocation will make him make hasty moves and can fall on enemy traps and set ups, also this results in using more power than needed and may end up with him getting tired.

Knight name: Kraken

Transformation line: Mighty Kraken of the deep! bring justice to the sea!

Item: Frozen Agate

It is said that if a ship carries an Agate with an anchor engraved on it, they will have a safe trip. Ironically, he uses a jewel that represents the very opposite of what his creature does. However, due to the Agate's tendency to grow in cold climates, it was used for thr Artic Ocean. He uses it on his sword so to always be on guard, the agate itself is blue and it is always cool to the touch and never melts. It represents the coldness of the artic ocean, and the cold will of the sea to sometimes take away, like Kraken did in myth and sometimes to give.


Squid Submission(粉骨砕身, Geso Sabumisshon): Kraken will use his tentacles to ensnare the enemy and bring them closer to give them light shocks or grind them much like a real squid with tentacles. He has to use 2 tentacles and has hands and the other 2 free for attacking.

Denjin(電刃, Electric blade): Charge either one of his 6 blades and slash. The remaining volts scatter, shocking enemies in the area.

Raikousen(雷光閃, "Lightning Flash"): Kraken will rush at a great speed and disappear to the naked eye, he will then appear, after producing a horizontal electric slash, cutting and shocking at the same time. This can also be used on enemies that are in a row.

Black Arrow(ブラックアロー, Burakku Arō): From his tentacles he will fire an arrow shaped, black blast which will pierce an enemy. While damage output is not that big, the target will go blind for some time, akin to the ink squids fire to blind enemies, this attack blinds as well.

Splash Laser(スプラッシュレーザー, Supurasshu Rēzā):From his tentacles or hands fire a blue energy continous wave almost like the current of the ocean which drags anything. He can use more than one and fire in any directions.

Zettai Reido:( 絶対零度,Absolute Zero): Kraken will fire an icy wnd, sending the target flying, also freezing certain parts of the body. Multiple blasts of this, can result in total freeze.

Edict of Atlantis(アトランティスの威光, Atorantisu no Ikō): Kraken will fire a beam from his finger, into the sea making barrage of waves hit the ship where he is standing or his target. This can easily turn over a ship or sink it should the water level be high enough. Kraken was said to slam his tentacles to this, so this inspired him to create this attack.

Haatus(波圧, Wave pressure): From his tentacles he will fire a lot blue linear energy blasts, these will come down on the opponent and they will be slammed as if a an enormous wave exerted pressure on them, sometimes the pressure is too big and the opposing party remains on the floor.

Raijinshou(雷神昇, thunder god rising) Kraken will charge electricity in his body and release it creating an electric whirlpool around him, not only shocking but sending to the air any opposing foe, also cannon balls, swords and some types of magic are nullified due to the enourmous magnetic pressure.

Maelstrom(大渦巻き, Dai Uzumaki): Kraken in artic folklore, was said to suck water to create a large whirlpool and sink the ship, drowning the evil, sparing the innocent. In the same way, he either created a large whirlpool of water underneath the enemy and traps them in a violent spiral current or under a ship to drag it down to the mercy of the ocean's currents. If used on a ship he will teleport to a secure area.


Suichū sekijun(水中石筍, Underwater Stalagmite): In the ice age, lots of caves with stalagmites were created. To defend himself or any ally he created a mirror wall in the shape of icy stalagmites, ready to deflect any attack.

Jiryoku:(磁力, Magnetic Force): To protect allies from weapons such as lasers, bullets, swords and canon balls, Kraken will create a ball of electric energy in his hand and extend it. Any attack or magic will be redirected towards it. When sufficiently charged, the orb will transform into 5 bolts of electric energy, striking all foes. However, he can only concentrate on this attack and is vulnerable from behind or above is correctly attacked, also he needs to recharge the electric force on his hand, any absorbed attack will be used as current in his scale however.


Kōri no kesshō(氷の結晶, Icy Crystal): A single snowflake will fall on the ally granting them temporal ice elemental magic and removing any poison, burn or disease.

Denki Hibana(電気火花, Electric Spark): Sparks will hover around the ally's body boosting attack power and grant temporal electric magic.


"I will keep my cool to the end."

"The terror of feeling the ocean's cold...I will show it to you."

"Justice will be served!"

"The Artic Ocean is always cold, calm and yet inspires respect...That is how I want to be."

"Keep a lid on your emotions or you will find defeat."

"Battle requires no words."

"Those who dare shed blood on the blue of the ocean and the white of the snow will be punished. The
Kraken is not know for mercy...neither am I!"

"A General must always be presentable and is ready for anything."

Rp sample.

The blond youth stood on the Artic Ocean's lighthouse staring blankly at the horizon. Shiny stars and a crescent moon shone in the sky, this calmed the uncertainty that he felt over the recent pirate attacks. It was not that it had not happened previously, yet the Atlantean army was being overwhelmed due to the division in betweem guarding the Artic and the oncoming war with the United lands.

"This will only bring more conflict. What is the king thinking holding me back?" he protested under his breath. With him, there would be no problem but under the king's orders he was not to move unless it was an urgent case.

"General Kraken! I have news!" an officer said while calling out to him. "Sir, we have another attack, at sector 5690." he said knelling on one knee to show respect for the general.

"What?! Were our forces able to subdue them?!" the general asked in concern.

"Yes sir but barely...we have many wounded men but we were able to find the location of their base."

The young man closed his eyes and sighed. There would be no mercy.

"Tell our forces to retreat and treat the wounded. Report this to his majesty and tell him I will be departing."

"But sir..."

"Don't worry. I will personally destroy them." he said putting a hand on the officer's hand for assurance.

The young man walked to the palace to prepare, his scale shining in white.

"I will not forgive them. Hurting innocent men. I, Kraken will now stop them."

There's no change reflected in my clean eyes along the roadside.
A whirlwind has coiled around my wrists
Making a vow to the wounds I got from my past self.

The blue sky is wrapped in grey
I've waited impatiently as the wind caresses my shoulders and ask:

'Who are the rivals who are allies with others?'
It's easier than being afraid
So I run, striking out my fists again
Driving away the 'loneliness' lodged in my heart.

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PostSubject: Re: 7 Generals: Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.   Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:52 pm

Bump. Ready for evaluation.

There's no change reflected in my clean eyes along the roadside.
A whirlwind has coiled around my wrists
Making a vow to the wounds I got from my past self.

The blue sky is wrapped in grey
I've waited impatiently as the wind caresses my shoulders and ask:

'Who are the rivals who are allies with others?'
It's easier than being afraid
So I run, striking out my fists again
Driving away the 'loneliness' lodged in my heart.
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PostSubject: Re: 7 Generals: Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.   Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:42 pm

Very nice!!! Approved! =)

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PostSubject: Re: 7 Generals: Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.   

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7 Generals: Kraken, the Cold hearted man, guardian of the Artic Ocean.

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