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 MLP: Shadow Sword OC (Ready for Review)

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PostSubject: MLP: Shadow Sword OC (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:30 pm

Name: Shadow Sword

Age: Appears to be his early 20s, but is actually much older.

Gender: Male

Race: pony, unicorn

Location: Canterlot/Crystal Empire

Talent/Profession: Shadow Sword is quite skill with using swords. He is a guard in the Canterlot Royal Guard. He was promoted to Captain after Shinning Armor left to co rule in the Crystal Empire. 

Cutie Mark (only for ponies): Two black swords crossing each other

Powers: Shadow Sword can use high levels of unicorn magic. He posses more knoweldge in black magic like the kind that King Sombra uses. This magic allows him not to age. 

Physical Description: Shadow Sword is a tall buff stallion. He has a light gray body and bright yellow eyes. He has medium black length mane and a short black tail. However Shadow Sword has changed his appearance many times. The only ponies who have seen his true appearance was his family and ponies that were alive when his father was alive. He resemble his father.

What he looks like today:

Personality: Shadow Sword is very cunning and manipulative. He uses charisma and charm (with the ladies) to get want he wants. He can be quite selfish and will act like a child if he doesn't get what he wants which means he has very bad temper. If someone double crosses him he'll act on revenge by casting curses on those who double crossed him Usually these curses end up killing the pony who crosses him. Shadow Sword is a bit of a ladies stallion.. He treats every mare with respect and treats them like a lady. Shadow Sword never shows his temper to mare. He enjoys being in the company of mares, but if he is in a relationship Shadow Sword believes that mare is luckiest because she's with him. With that being said Shadow Sword does not rejection well. If a mare rejects him he stops treating her like a lady and seeks revenge. Instead of putting a deadly curse on the mare instead he makes sure she can never find love again.

However, over the years Shadow Sword has change somewhat. He looked at his life and decided to become a more honest pony. He became a hard worker and gain trust of those who he work with so he could raise to the top. For example he gain the trust of Shinning Armor when he joined the Royal Guard. Shadow Sword has learn control his temper when he doesn't get his way and less prone too casting cruses on those who have wronged him. He really tries his best to do good, but is slowly returning to his old self after Twilight took the throne.

Shadow Sword was born 1000 years ago to the wife of King Sombra. His father King Sombra has just taken the Crystal Empire under his control, when he son was born. As Shadow Sword grew up his father taught how to rule with an iron fist and his father's heartless behavior was starting to rub of him. Shadow Sword treated their servants disrespectfully and was very rude to him. When he was old enough, his father taught him how to use dark magic and Shadow Sword was a quick learner. Right before his father could teach him higher levels of magic, Princess Celestia and Luna put and end to his father's rule by sealing him away. As father was being sealed away, Shadow Sword's mother took him and the two of them ran away from the Crystal Empire. His mother found a nice town outside of Canterlot and continued to raise her son both of them using their magic to disguise themselves. Prior to all of this Shadow Sword rarely seen his mother. His father didn't wanted his son to be expose to kindness. Once him and his mother settled down, she started to fix his rude attitude and told him he should always show respect to other especially to ladies. Shadow Sword took this into consideration and started to show respect to others, but he was still cold hearted. He was very aloof and only made friends with ponies who only help him. When he became a teenage stallion, his mother kicked him out. It broke her heart, but she had no choice to give up on her son. He was becoming too much like his father.

Shadow Sword didn't really care that he got kick out, but deep down inside it bothered him that his mother rejected him. He then move to Canterlot and his use dark magic to get him into a top magic school. There he learn advanced magic and after graduation he planned on seeking revenge on the Celestia and Luna. To do this he became an apprentice other the sisters and would secretly studied their weakness and studied on how they use their magic. He then conducted a plan to kill the sisters, but before he could Luna became Nightmare Moon and he watched Celesita seal her sister into the moon. He was shock by the events and decided to leave the castle and change his appearance and identity. Shadow Sword wanted to crush both sisters so over years he kept changing his appearance and identity. He would usually take on a job that dealt with the royal so he could continued to study Celesita.

Right after Nightmare Moon broke from her imprisonment, he watched Twilight and the other mane 6 return her back to Luna. After Luna and Celesita returned to Canterlot after the battle, he saw what revenge did to Luna. She was full of guilt and she hated herself. Shadow Sword took a look at his life and saw what his father teachings have done to him. He deiced to change himself and try to stop being like his father. So he joined the Canterlot Royal Guard and made friends with Shining Armor. The two grow rather close and for the first time he actually felt happy about having a friend. They would hang out after their nights off and Shadow Sword even helped Shining with his crush on Cadence and encouraged him to ask her out. After Shinning got engaged to Cadence, Shadow Sword felt a dark presence in the area. He never felt such thing before and had no clue if he investigate. Before he could make decision Shadow noticed one day that Candace was acting very strange. He could tell that she wasn't acting very kind hearted to those around her. Then a few days after the news of exterior threat, Shadow noticed Shining was getting headaches from the magical shield. He offer to make a shield instead, but Shining said he would handle it. Right before Twilight and the mane 6 arrived in Canterlot Shadow like Twilight noticed Cadence using strange magic on Shining. Shadow has seen that kind of magic before and finally realize that the strange presence belonged to a changeling. He approached Shining when he was alone to confront him about, but the two got into an argument. Shining didn't believe Shadow at all seeing how he could not tell him why he knew she was a changeling. Shadow then went on leave and decided it was best for this situation to work out its own. He didn't want the argument to end his friendship with Shining. Also he knew about Twilight's arrival and figure that this smart pony could save her brother. After the fall of the Queen Chrysalis, Shadow Sword returned to Canterlot and resume his duty as a guard. Once Shining Armor returned from his honeymoon, two made up and Shadow congratulated his friend's wedding. 

The day that the Crystal Empire returned Shadow Sword was in shock. He couldn't believe that his father was still alive. Shining Armor then announced that him and Cadance have been put in charge to save the Crystal Ponies. He put Shadow Sword in charge of the royal guard and Shadow Sword gladly accepted it. He did not want to see his father ever again. After the fall of his father, Shining Armor said he was leaving the royal guard to be the co ruler of the Crystal Empire. He put on a series of tests to for a new captain. Shadow Sword passed with flying colors and became the new captain of the royal guard. 

After Twilight took the throne, Shadow Sword was impressed with her magic skills and witt. He would often talk to her when he was his rounds in the castle. The two would often talk about old famous unicorns and advance magic. He quickly fell for her and when he heard that the new princess was looking for suitors Shadow Sword acted quickly. However luck was against him when he asked her out. She rejected him right on the spot (probably because she viewed him as a friend or she felt like she wasn't ready to find a suitor). Shadow Sword did not take the rejection very well. It has been a long time since he has been rejected by a mare. He then began to slowly started to act like his old self. Shadow Sword began to study dark magic again and started to plot Twilight's downfall. Everything was going accordingly until a certain lady caught his eye. 

Shadow Sword has used many different names over the years. When he became a royal guard he went back to using his real name due to the fact that no remember about King Sombra's son in the royal family.

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PostSubject: Re: MLP: Shadow Sword OC (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:33 pm


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MLP: Shadow Sword OC (Ready for Review)

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