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 Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)

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PostSubject: Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:19 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Minako Aino 
Gender: Female 
Age and Date of Birth:14-16, October 22nd
Used Canons:
manga and anime (90s). 


Minako has long blond hair which she usually wears down with a red bow. She has bright blue eyes and fair skin. She stands around 5'2 ft. In Jr. high she wears a white long/short sleeve shirt with a blue collar and two white stripes. The shirt also has blue cuplings with white stripes. She wears a red tie and a blue skirt. In high school she wears a white long/short sleeve shirt with a navy collar and two red stripes. She wears a navy bow and a navy skirt. Outside of school Minako is wears bright and colorful clothes. She loves wear dresses and skirts. She also likes to wear pair of blue overalls.  


Minako is an outgoing and headstrong girl. She is very friendly and can be quite silly. She is resilient and passionate about her dreams. She is very energetic and loves to have fun. Minako is a romantic and has a bad habit of chasing boys. She dreams about finding a boyfriend. Minako loves having the spotlight on her and hopes to be an idol one day. Sometimes Minako finds herself butting into other people's problems and tries to help solve them.  She cares deeply about her friends and will do anything for them. She often calls herself the "Goddess of Love" and tries to solve people's problems. She is a lazy student and like Usagi has trouble with school work. Despite this Mianko is quite intelligent and resourceful. Sometimes Minako is a bit of drama queen and may take things personally. As she matures Minako becomes selfless and pushes her dreams aside to fulfill her duties as a senshi. She takes her role as leader seriously and will do anything to protect the princess. Because of her duties Minako has grown more serious, but her silly self will come out once in awhile. She sometimes she can be a bit melancholic. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Minako is fluent in English. She is very athletic and played volleyball before becoming a senshi.  She can sing and dance.

In the manga, Sailor Venus was known as Princess Venus during the time of the Silver Millennium, and ruled her home planet from the Magellan Castle. In the Codename: Sailor V manga, Artemis stated that she was the incarnation of the goddess Venus, and Danburite confessed that when he was still Adonis, one of her subjects, he had loved her in secret. Though her home was on Venus, Sailor Venus was present at the ceremony where she and the other Guardian Senshi swore to protect Princess Serenity and faced Queen Nehellenia for the first time, and then seemed to take up primary residence on the Moon in order to protect the Moon Princess. She was the leader of the Guardian Senshi, and was shown retrieving Serenity from the Earth when she visited in secret to see Prince Endymion. During the war between the Earth and the Moon, she was the one who killed Queen Beryl with the Holy Blade, but she was eventually killed in turn and was reborn as Minako in the modern day.

(Artemis awaken Minako and she became Sailor V) Sailor V (from the Sailor V manga) she fought both the Dark Agency and common criminals, becoming famous before the other Senshi ever awakened. (In the anime, Sailor V briefly operated in London, England, until she returned to Japan and joined the group. In England, she was friends with Interpol officer Katarina and had a crush on a boy named Alan. It is not clear who in the Dark Kingdom might have been running operations in England, but after Sailor V joined the others in Tokyo, there was no talk of Youma or anything else attacking England.) When she finally joined with the Sailor Team, she originally pretended to be the Moon Princess until Sailor Moon awoke as Princess Serenity. Sailor Venus died with the other Guardian Senshi during the battle against Queen Metalia, but was later revived with the other Senshi by Sailor Moon. 

When the Black Moon Clan appeared she battled Calaveras and went to the 30th century to continue the fight until Death Phantom was defeated. Sailor Venus' powers were eventually upgraded by Neo-Queen Serenity and she reached her "Super" form along with the other Sailor Senshi near the end of the Infinity arc. In the Dream arc, she was the last to regain her powers, until she was attacked by Xenotime and Zeolite and rescued by Artemis, who gave her the Venus Crystal which allowed her to transform directly into her Super form and upgrade her Chain to the Love Whip. She later appeared in her princess form, along with the other Senshi, in order to give Sailor Moon the power of their castles and allow her to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.

She underwent the last upgrade of her powers and costume in the Stars arc, during which her Sailor Crystal was stolen by Sailor Galaxia after her fight against Sailor Lead Crow. Sailor Galaxia later threw the stolen Sailor Crystals of the Solar System Senshi into the Galaxy Cauldron, where they melted, but Sailor Moon retrieved all of her fallen friends from the Cauldron and they were allowed to return to their former lives. In the future, it was shown that Sailor Venus was loyal to Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, and she protected Crystal Tokyo along with all her comrades.

Sailor V's Powers   (Anime Sailor V info comes from here as well)
Manga history, fukus, and power 

Storyline Specific Information: 

Sailor V Crystal: Is a retelling of the Sailor V manga. Minako is an ordinary school girl until one day she meets a talking cat named Artemis. He tells her she is a solider who must protect Earth from Dark Agency. 

Senshi Information 
Senshi Name: Sailor V, Sailor Venus
Realm of Influence(s): Light and Metal
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Moon Power Transform (Sailor V) Venus Power Make Up! Venus Star Power Make Up! Venus Planet Power Make Up! Venus Crystal Power Make Up! 

Senshi Fuku: 

Sailor V: As Sailor V she wore a white shirt with a dark blue skirt with a red trim. Along the white shirt were vertical red stripes. On her chest was a red bow with a round yellow pendent in the center. The collar of the shirt was blue with a red trim. She wore a white choker which had a crescent moon charm. Along the sleeve of the shirt were red vertical stripes and blue cuffs with a red horizontal stripe. She wore white plated shoulder pads and a pair of white gloves with a yellow stripe at the top. She wore a red bow in her hair and a red mask. In the middle of her forehead was a crescent moon. She wore a pair of blue high heels with blue straps that wrapped around her ankles. 

Sailor Venus:
(Classic, R, S) dominant color was orange (choker, collar, center of front bow, elbow fittings of gloves, skirt, shoes, and earrings) and her accent colors were blue (front bow) and yellow (tiara gem and back bow). Her collar had one white stripe near the edge of the collar (not at the center), and her shoes were orange heels with ankle straps.
After the "Super" upgrade (SuperS, Stars), her earrings were the same shape but darker in color, her choker had a yellow star attached to it, her collar had one white stripe down the center, the center of her front bow was an orange heart, the bottom of the shoulder pads was translucent, and the back waist bow was enlarged and lengthened.

Sailor Venus' first costume was mostly identical to the anime version, the only difference being that she had her chain around her waist. In some artbook illustrations, her shoulder pads were a pale orange as well.
Her brooch changed from a circle to a heart after Sailor Moon first transformed into Super Sailor Moon.
After the "Super" upgrade, her costume was almost completely identical to the anime version, but the star on her choker had an orange gemstone in the center.
After the last upgrade in the Stars arc, her choker was V-shaped and the center of her front bow was an orange five-pointed star. Her shoulder pads were large yellow puffs with two patches of orange fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves became longer, reaching to her upper arms. In artbook illustrations, she had orange V-shaped wristbands with golden five-pointed stars on them, but they were not present in the manga. Her belt consisted of two ribbons - one orange and one yellow, with two long, thin back ribbons, clipped together by a golden five-pointed star. Her back bow was yellow. Her skirt became two-layered, the top layer being orange and the bottom layer yellow. Her boots were knee-length and white, and each had an orange V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara gem was an orange five-pointed star and her earrings were orange, dangling five-pointed stars.


As Sailor V: (manga only)

Crescent Beam - She reflected a beam of light from her compact at her enemy and destroyed it.
Crescent Boomerang - Sailor V attacked by throwing her compact at the enemy.
Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower - Sailor V used her compact to make a rain shower pour down and melt her enemy.
Crescent Super Beam - A more powerful version of Crescent Beam, again perfomed with her compact.
Crescent Slender Beam - An attack performed with her compact, which destroyed the enemy.
Venus Sulfur Smoke - Created a pungent sulfurous cloud of smoke that overwhelmed the enemy.
Ultimate Attack: Diphenhydramine Dispersal - Used against Chuu-Chuu.
Venus Brand: Mosquito Incense Typhoon - Used against Chuu-Chuu.
Venus Ten-Billion Volt Rockin' Rouge - Used the Venus Mike to create a sound wave that destroyed her enemy.
Venus Love Megaton Shower - Created a powerful shining light that destroyed the enemy.
Physical Attacks:
Sailor V Kick - Sailor V kicked her enemy.
Sailor V Chop - Sailor V karate chopped her enemy.
Rolling Screw Sailor V Punch - She punched her enemy.
V-chan-style Kneading Sailor V Chop - Another karate chop.
Venus Iron Muscle Punch - She punched her enemy.
V-chan's Sword - Sailor V struck her enemy with an uchigatana.

As Sailor Venus:
Crescent Beam - Sailor Venus' first attack. She sent a beam of light at the enemy.
Crescent Beam Shower - A stronger version of Crescent Beam.
Venus Love-Me Chain - Sailor Venus sent a whip to hit or grab the enemy.
Sailor Kick - Sailor Venus used this attack when she was disguised as Sailor Moon.
Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain - Sailor Venus used this attack when she was disguised as Sailor Moon.
Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots - An attack used only once, similar in form to Crescent Beam Shower.
Venus Love and Beauty Shock - This attack first appeared in the SuperS season. Sailor Venus hurled heart-shaped golden energy at her opponent. 

Crescent Boomerang - First attack used by Sailor Venus, in which she threw her compact at her enemies.
Sailor V Kick - Sailor Venus kicked her enemy.
Venus Love-Me Chain - Sailor Venus used her chain to hit or grab the enemy.
Rolling Heart Vibration - Used only in the manga, live-action series, and numerous video games. Sailor Venus sent forth a rolling heart to damage the enemy.
Venus Wink Chain Sword - Used only in the manga and numerous video games. Sailor Venus used her chain as a sword to damage the enemy.
Venus Love and Beauty Shock - Sailor Venus gained this power after transforming with the Venus Crystal. She used her Love Whip to attack her enemy.
Venus Love and Galactica Shock - This attack was used by Sailor Venus when she was under Sailor Galaxia's control in the Stars arc.
Akuryo Taisan - This attack was used only once by Sailor Venus, in "Exam Battle 3," to destroy the Genius loci that was attacking T·A Academy for Girls.

Weapons or Magical Items: The wands she uses to turn into Sailor Venus. As Sailor V a pen she uses to transform into Sailor V. She also had a compact as Sailor V to allow herself to disguise herself. She her Love Me Chain which she uses as an attack. 
Guardian: Artemis 
RP Sample: 

Minako let out a heavy sigh. She was starting out her bedroom window watching it rain. Today was such a boring day. Why couldn't rain on a school day? Today was Saturday and she originally made plans to have a picnic in the park with her friends. Minako sat up her chair and told herself she shouldn't let this get to her!

"Artemis!" She cried. "I don't care if it's raining the picnic is going to happen!"

Minako's guardian was stretched out on her bed trying to take a nap. He opened one of his eyes and stared at his owner in annoyance. "And how will you do that?"

"Have it indoors of course!" Minako then walked over to her dresser and picked up her phone. "I'll just have them come over here. Knowing Mako she had the food all ready the night before. It would be a shame for it to go waste."

"Shouldn't you ask your parents first?"

"Oh, I guess I should do that first, huh?" Minako replied and laughed sheepishly. She then ran downstairs to go talk to her mom.

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PostSubject: Re: Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:34 pm


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Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)

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