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 Toni Stark/Sailor Iron Woman

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PostSubject: Toni Stark/Sailor Iron Woman   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:15 pm

General Information
Name: Antonita “Toni” Stark
Gender: Female

Birthday: May 29th, 1980
Age: 32
Birthplace: Long Island, New York

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): 
Toni has long brown hair that falls past her knees that she usually wears braided down her back.  Her eyes are hazel with gold-green flecks that can catch the light. She stands around 5 foot 9 inches tall, and her skin is lightly tanned. She usually wears blue jeans and a tank top her favorite being a Black Sabbath logo Tank. Toni can usually be found in work clothes, but when it’s called for she cleans up really well. She likes floor length dresses that flow with her as she walks and heels to match. She likes shiny things and can be found with some kind of hair clip or something in her hair. She has given up on covering her Arc reactor and thus tries to arrange her clothes to show it off, without showing to much of herself. 

Her Arc Reactor is in the middle of her chest right between her breasts. It glows a pale blue light all the time. It is sliver in color and circular with a triangle in the center. 

Personality: Antoinette "Toni" Stark is a billionaire industrialist and inventor. She runs Stark Industries, originally started by her father, Howard Stark. 
Stark is still human with the exception of her Arc Reactor in her chest. She is one of the richest, smartest and most powerful women in the world. Her power however comes from her high-tech battle suit known as the Iron Woman Armor, which grants her extraordinary strength, durability, flight capabilities and various on-board weaponry. She is a founding member of the Avengers. 

Toni Stark is an outgoing woman who enjoys drinking and gambling, all the while possessing the capacity to become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics overnight. Toni is shown to be a big fan of Australian hard rock band AC/DC.
An inventive mechanical engineering prodigy, Stark is constantly creating new technology and looking for ways to improve it. She has little concern for the effect her weapons have on others. However, for all her flaws, Toni is a good woman at heart and wants to use her technology to better the world.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
Toni is a genius. She’s always creating some new technology. She is a billionaire too and a bit of a playgirl. She has no trouble picking up guys. She seems to have a liver of steel by the way she drinks.  She is trained in combat and can hold her own well enough to be a valued member of the team.  She


Early Life
Born to Howard and Maria Stark on May 29, 1980. Toni's early life was often dominated by the absence of her father who she would later describe as 'cold' and 'calculating'. Toni was also highly annoyed by Howard's constant talk about Captain America. However from an early age, she quickly stole the spotlight with her brilliant and unique mind. At age four she built her first circuit board, at age six her first engine, and at seventeen she graduated summa cum laude from MIT. Then her parents were killed in a car accident in 2001. Howard Stark's lifelong friend Obadiah Stane became the CEO of Stark Industries. At age twenty-one that same year, Toni became the new CEO and ushered in a new era for her father's legacy, creating smarter weapons, advanced robotics, and satellite targeting. She changed the face of the weapons industry. At some point she also became friends with lieutenant colonel James Rhodes and hired Virginia Potts as her personal assistant.

During a business trip to Afghanistan to demonstrate Stark Industries' new weapon, the "Jericho" cluster missile, Toni's convoy is attacked by terrorists. One of her own company's bombs lands near her and explodes. The blast causes her to lose consciousness and embeds several pieces of shrapnel in her chest, one fragment dangerously close to her heart. She wakes up some time later with an electromagnet attached to her chest. Hooked up to a car battery, the electromagnet keeps the shrapnel from entering her heart and killing her.

Toni has been captured by the terrorist group Ten Rings, who order her to build a Jericho missile for them. Instead, she and fellow captive Dr. Yinsen secretly build a crude but strong power armor (Mark 1) fueled by a miniature "arc reactor", a smaller version of a power source previously invented by Toni. The arc reactor supplies energy to an electromagnet which prevents embedded shrapnel from reaching Toni's heart, which would kill her. Dr.Yinsen is killed in the ensuing escape attempt when he stalls the guards to buy Toni enough time to power up the suit. Using the suit, Toni kills several terrorists, destroys their weapons stockpile, and escapes, though her suit is destroyed as she crash lands in the desert. Upon being picked up by the Air Force and returning to the United States, Toni declares that her company will, for the time being, no longer manufacture weapons. Her father's friend and business partner, Obadiah Stane, tells her that this move is blocked by the board members shortly after.

Toni retreats from public view, focusing on the design of her power suit, refining its size and flight capability (Mark 2). She asks Pepper to help her take her old arc reactor out and to put in a new one. During her first public appearance since her return to the United States, she is accosted by Christine Everhart, who shows her pictures of Stark Industries weapons in the hands of terrorist groups, including the Jericho missiles she refused to build for them. She also discovers that Obadiah has been "dealing under the table", supplying weapons to both the U.S. troops and the terrorists, as well as being the one to shut Toni out of the board while she recovers. Faced with the realization of what his company has done, Toni dons the power suit (Mark 3) and flies to Afghanistan, rescuing Yinsen's village from the Ten Rings. In destroying their weapon stockpiles, she accidentally draws the attention of the United States Air Force and her friend and company military liaison, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes. Two F-22 Raptors are ordered to take out the unknown target, and during the confrontation one of the Raptors loses its left wing when it accidentally collides with Toni. The pilot ejects shortly afterwards, but his parachute jams. Realizing this, Toni dives down to help the pilot release his parachute before escaping.
Determined to make amends for her mistakes, Toni sends Pepper to find the shipping records of Stark Industries, so she can track down the illicit shipments and destroy them. While hacking into the system, Pepper discovers that it was Obadiah who hired the Ten Rings to kill Toni, but they had reneged on the deal when they realized who the target was. She also discovers that Obadiah has recovered the power suit prototype and has reverse engineered his own version. However, his team of scientists, not possessing Toni's genius, cannot engineer the miniature arc reactor to power the new suit.
Obadiah, upon realizing Pepper's discovery, steals Toni's own arc reactor from her chest to power his new suit, leaving Toni to die. Using her first reactor, which was not designed to power his latest armor, Toni battles with Obadiah atop Stark Industries and the surrounding streets, defeating him when the full-sized arc reactor that powers the lab is deliberately overloaded by Pepper. Afterwards, Toni's alter ego is dubbed "Iron Woman" by the press. Toni holds a press conference where her S.H.I.E.L.D. contacts advise her to state that Iron Woman is Toni's bodyguard. However, she instead announces that she actually is Iron Woman.
Later, Toni arrives home and is greeted by a mysterious visitor standing by the window. She reveals herself as Nikki Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., warns her that she is not the only 'super hero' in the world, and mentions Avenger Initiative.

Toni is trained in unarmed combat and has become quite formidable on her own when the situation demands it. She was able to hold her own against Rhodey, a Lieutenant Colonel Air Force Combat Pilot. Toni was able to battle Thora almost to a standstill for a time while in the armor.
Toni has an unique friendship with Rhodey. Rhodey tries to keep Toni on the straight and narrow although he has stated at times it is not that easy. Although they have been friends for many years, Toni's erratic nature at times makes it difficult for Rhodey to choose between Toni and his duty to the military, however, they reconcile their differeneces and  have once again become friends on one accord.
Toni has matured to an extent: while around Pepper she is able to openly express his feelings around her. However, upon being around the team, she still shows the same "qualities" that she is known for. She immediately clashes with Stella Rogers due to their very different personalities, and nearly come to blows when the Helicarrier falls under attack. The two quickly put their feud aside to help repair the ship.
Stark quickly strikes up a friendship with Dr. Bruce Banner, as the two have several things in common including a genius-level IQ. Stark relates to her that her arc reactor--which keeps shrapnel from reaching her heart--is a great power that she can control, which is not unlike Banner's abilities as The Hulk. In fact, Stark is the only one who doesn't fear the Hulk, and helps Banner realize that The Hulk is more of a blessing than a curse.
Upon Coulson's death, while she tries not to show it in front of Cap, she shows that his death has greatly affected her. By the time of the battle of New York, she has no problem taking orders from Cap, knowing what is on the line.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Iron/ Iron Woman
Senshi Fuku: Sailor Iron Woman’s fuku is vibrant red with gold accents. Her fuku is like the Stars in that it is a bikini with the top and bottom(shorts) are bright hot rod red.  Over the elbow gloves and thigh high boots match in color. In the center of each palm there is a circular stabilizer, that draws it’s  power from the ribbon tubes that connect to her chest piece. The same sort of thing can be found on the bottoms of her boots, that also have ribbon tubes connecting them to her chest piece.  These all glow the same pale blue as her arc reactor. There are several gold ribbon looking tubes that run over her gloves and boots to power her palm stabilizers and boot thrusters. A gold belt crosses her mid section in an X shape. This helps to disrepute power from her chest piece. Instead of a bow in the middle of her chest, the Arc Reactor glows a pale blue. Her choker is the same red as the rest of her fuku, sporting a smaller arc reactor in the center. Her golden tiara sports a gem the same color as the arc reactor. 
Blue dots the color of the arc reactor shine all over her fuku in the light.

Henshin/Transformation: Arc Reactor Power Make Up!!
A pale blue light emits from her Arc Reactor centered in her chest and engulfs her. Upon fading, the transformation is complete and Toni has become Sailor Iron Woman.
(Based off her Senshi abilities Toni is working to make a suit of armor that she doesn’t need to transform to use.)

Palm Blast- emanating from the palms for both or each hand separately, waves of energy are channeled from the Arc Reactor in Sailor Iron Woman’s chest and at enemies or obstacles.  If her power level is low, the blasts will not be as strong or may not fire at all .

Kick Blast- when kicking an enemy or at an enemy, Sailor Iron Woman can channel energy from her chest piece to the thrusters in her boots. If her power levels are low this attack will not be as strong or fire at all.

Chest Blast-A fail safe, incase nothing else works. Sailor Iron Woman is able to just like with her Palm and Kick Blasts able to fire a great blast of energy from her chest piece. This will deplete her energy levels and make all other attacks weaker. 

Super strength- Becoming Sailor Iron Woman gives Toni near inhuman strength. She is able to lift cars and other heavy objects. If her power levels are low the amount of weight she is able to lift is reduced. 

Flight- using the thrusters and stabilizers in her gloves and boots. She can fly great distances if she hasn’t used a lot of energy. She uses this to easily and quickly to cross the battle field and help her team mates. If her power levels are low she is unable to fly at all. 

Weapons or Magical Items: 

Arc Reactor-centered in her chest, the Arc Reactor is what’s keeping Toni alive. She also uses it to power her attacks. 

Mobile JARVIS HUD(heads up display)-This unique visor was created by Toni so that she could have real time battle information feed right to her.

Palm thrusters- situated in the palms of her gloves, these are to stabilize her flight and can be used to blast enemies.

Boot thrusters-on the bottom of each boot there is a glowing blue circle that allows her to be able to fly or emit a blast at an enemy.

Guardian: JARVIS- a high tech AI Unit that feeds her information on the battle field in real time. JARVIS also is like Toni’s personal assistant and computer. 

RP Sample: Must be at least 100 words. Please use the character you are applying for in this role-playing sample.

Toni was in a world of her own. AC/DC blared from the speakers as she worked on her baby. A priceless old classic car, a beauty that would make grown men cry. She loved that car. It was her pride and joy. She didn’t hear Pepper enter the lab. When the music stopped Toni turned to face the culprit. “What you do that for?” She whined. “I told you not to mess with my music.” Toni said going back to working on her baby. 

“You should be getting ready, Toni” Pepper’s voice carried across the now quite lab. Toni hated quite. She needed noise, music, construction anything that made the quite go away. She couldn’t hear herself think in quite. 

“What?” Toni asked her head snapping towards the woman. “Ready? Ready for what?” She asked again, wiping her arm across her forehead leaving a grease streak behind. 

Sighing Pepper looked at the other woman. Sitting in the middle of a pile of car parts and tools, Toni Stark was the image of a mechanic’s most vivid dreams.  Long brown hair pulled back in a braid that hung well past her hips and eyes that shined brighter than fresh paint on a car, she was a mess, and Pepper had to have her ready and on her way to the benefit in 2 hours.  “The benefit, Toni. Remember?” She said walking over to the grease monkey. “I told you about it yesterday and this morning.” She reached down and pulled Toni out of her pile of parts and tools. “Come on, you need to shower before the stylist gets here.”

“Oh Pep,” Toni whined like a child. “Do I have to go?” Toni just wanted to work on her baby today. Not deal with some stuffy stuck up people who wouldn’t know fun if it bit them on the butt. 

“It for your mother’s charity.” Pepper stated. “So yes, Toni, you do.” 

Accepting her fate in the name of her mother, Toni took a shower and allowed herself to be styled to fashion and then let loose upon the world.

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PostSubject: Re: Toni Stark/Sailor Iron Woman   Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:24 pm

Approved! :)

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Toni Stark/Sailor Iron Woman

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