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 7 Generals: The guardian of the North Atlantic, Kairyushin/Sea Dragon lord.

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PostSubject: 7 Generals: The guardian of the North Atlantic, Kairyushin/Sea Dragon lord.   Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:22 am

The Guardian of the North Atlantic, Kairyushin/Sea Dragon lord.


General Information

Name: Sea Dragon/ Kairyushin, Real name Unknown.

Gender: Male.
Birthday: July 20.
Age: 18


Sea Dragon is a very tall and somewhat muscular individual, with a white skin. His armor, named “Scale”:

When not worn it takes the shape of a dragon with the body of a sea serpent. It has a helmet which even blocks from view his eyes and hair, the helmet itself has the some fin-like decorations in the top. The shoulder plates are big and have some markings which mean “Dragon of the sea” in a long lost tongue. The arms have also finned like spikes and with the chest plate; they both cover completely his body.

The waist also has markings and has the shape of 3 rectangles together. The boots go up until a little below the thighs, revealing he wears blue pants and has a fond for blue color. The armor also has a cape to be elegant in nightly banquets. The boots also have fin like spikes which resemble those of a dragon. True to his name, When not in the armor he prefers blue normal pants, a long coat and a blue shirt. Not many people have seen his face, it is said that he remodeled his helmet to cover his face completely…


A Calm and collected individual, as compared to water itself. The General is always calm and rarely loses his temper. Rarely talking to people and only doing it if needed. To him all that matters is the task given and nothing more. Also being highly intelligent and with quick wits, it isn’t a surprise he was promoted to being general of the sea by the queen.

This causes him to be perceived as an arrogant, snobby individual who considers people inferior to him. Keeping his feelings, if any in the back of his heart, and ignoring them and while he knows that following his heart is important, he prioritizes duty instead. He is faithful only to Queen Hilda and follows her with an undying loyalty as he thinks she represents the future for the ocean.

In the past, however he used to be a different person. Having witnessed poverty, thievery and conflict in a small isle in the North Atlantic, he sought to become its ruler to eradicate such problems. But his ambition became so great, that he thought of ruling the seven seas and to that end devoted his days to training and studying showing a somewhat sinister, selfish side to him. Hurting many people and manipulating others so he could reach his goal, he would not let anyone get in his way; However, after meeting the queen, he changed to his current personality and put himself under her service to purge his ambitious thoughts.

Though today, he still retains a bit of his selfishness and wit to manipulate others. He became a quiet but gentle person who tries to help others without expressing his feelings.

He adheres to a severe code of personal conduct. Being just and fair in whatever he does, doing it for the good of others, caring for his comrades, intolerant of those who are not right, even pirates who do good deeds, being merciful and more. Such is to him the responsibilities of a Shogun and does his best not to let personal feelings interfere with it. Though, if it happens he tends to over think things and can even be complicated with decisions that to other people would seem simple.

Other Shoguns boast, as pride is known in the Atlantean army; he however keeps quiet and just battles, claiming actions are higher than words showing a humble attitude in the field of battle, though he still has his pride as a general. Also due to his responsibility he keeps his problems to himself and as such has poor social skills. In the battlefield this is weakness or so he thinks, because of this he has little to no regard of other people's opinions and advices, being stubborn to follow his own code of conduct. Due to this, he is also not very good with women, especially pretty ones and kids and can be dragged into their problems and even be deceived in love. This being a reason he keeps to himself.

Sea Dragon loves the sea and often spends his time watching the moon and the stars, showing he has a love for the sky.

The conflict has also created ambivalence in his heart, between Queen Hilda’s will and the duty to serve the new king, Shio.

He also covers his face for a reason unknown, it is said this reason relates to love…


Originally hailing from a far island in the North Atlantic, Sea Dragon grew in a medium class family, with little privileges but always food in the table and a warm home. One day however, pirates came to attack his home and though he survived, many say that the spirits of the sea were angered as in his island there was a shrine to appease them. The attack on the island caused a wave big enough to engulf his entire village, while he was on his way to the shrine, the wave drowned everyone and his family became lost at sea.

This made him hate pirates and those who oppress others and from then on, went to live to another island, and trained daily in magic and study so one day he could be promoted to Shogun. In the other island he lived as a fisherman and while he had a somewhat hard life, the people of the town became his family and he found, if for a little while, happiness.

One fateful day he met a man who wanted a duel with him, and used a strange dark magic to amplify his ambition and twist his sense of justice. With that he plotted to rule the seas to bring peace and destroy all those who robbed and pilfered. All memories of this encounter have vanished. One day, after reaching the royal court, there was an assassination attempt on the queen. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity to gain his desires, he used his power to save her. After meeting her, her words were that “he should use that power for justice.” Seeing purity in the eyes of the queen, he became devoted to her and was promoted to the Shogun rank he desired, apparently all negative feelings gone, or so he thought…

When the queen fell ill, he tried to see her but the guards did not let him, making him cast suspicion on King Shio. Now, at the service of Atlantis he must crush all those who oppose it, as it is the will of the queen and new king but, deep down he knows he could kill him and rule all the seas himself…

Special abilities:

Due to the obsession of becoming general, Sea Dragon is adept in magic, combat and is highly intelligent. Also a very good fisherman and able to use constellations for orientation; make him a valuable asset for the Seven Shoguns. Growing up in the Atlantic made him a lover of tropical heat, but he dislikes cold environments and low temperatures make his body functions lower rapidly as he is not accustomed to low temperatures. Also his tendency to analyze the situation can give him a big disadvantage as the enemy can confuse him morally or attack him while thinking.

Knight name: Sea Dragon god/Kairyushin.

Transformation line: Great Sea dragon, grant me power to sever my enemies with your raging fangs!

Item: Five colored necklace.

In mythology it is said that to appease the Sea Dragon’s wrath a necklace which would glow in the five colors of day and night was given to him, since then such a jewel was found in his neck. To reflect it, Sea Dragon uses it to call upon his cloth and it is the source of his power, it shines in 5 different colors and can disappear at need be.

Powers(will progress as rp goes on):

Sea Dragon has great control of water magic going from a vast array of offensive, defensive and support skills using current, pressure and many other sea phenomena. Also he has a bit of wind and ice magic reflecting the ocean’s current. He is adept at both distance and close combat, however can be overwhelmed in large crowds due to his attitude, despite him having crowd controlling attacks, it still is very dangerous to him.


Suiretsusen (水烈閃, Water Fury Flash): Sea Dragon will extend his hand in a knife hand strike position and dash at the enemy, with a water elemental thrust, the enemy will be sent flying due to feeling the current of the ocean.

Hisuishou (飛水翔, "Flying Water Soar"): He will charge at the enemy, with a closed fist and punch, the resulting blow will send the enemy into the air, as if feeling the force of a rising tide, it can also be used in mid-air to smash the opponent to the floor.

Ōnamisazanami(大波小波, Big wave ripples): Sea dragon will extend his hand and point a blue beam at the floor, and lots of blue pillars will surround the opponent and he or she will be sent flying or backwards as if feeling a wave hit them straight on. He can also use his entire palm to cover a greater area.

Suichū funka(水中噴火, Underwater eruption): Sea dragon will jerk his fist and from below the opponent’s feet a jet of hot blue energy will engulf them sending them upwards, as if an underwater geyser got them.


Bubble bringer (
バブル・ブリンガー, Baburu Buringā): Will make a wall of bubbles appear in front of him or the desired target, bouncing back most physical attacks, can be used to save comrades.

Kairyūshin no Kago (海竜神の加護, Divine Protection of the Sea Dragon lord): Sea Dragon will extend both hands in front of him, blue spirals of energy defending him against magic, as if using the pressure of the ocean itself saved him.

Ryūsui (
流水, Running water): Sea Dragon will create copies of himself, if the opponent hits, the will only hit droplets of water, it can be used to distract or prepare for another attack.


Megumi no Ame(恵みの雨, Rain of Blessing): Small blue drops will appear above the ally and heal their injuries to a middle degree.


The night fell over Atlantis and many beautiful lights were to be seen. The marine wind blew over Sea Dragon’s cape who stared at the sea in the port. The city’s lights were proof of the night life and progress; however to him…they were soothing and comfortable. The general tried to distract his mind from the current issue, the conflict.

“My queen…did you really order this conflict?” he murmured to himself.

Feeling melancholic he took his helmet off and stared onto the castle’s highest part, which is where she was being kept. He wondered what happened and, why could he not see her. Her illness was so grave that no one could see her.

Shio…he had taken her or that is what it seemed. As a general he did not enjoy fighting but it was his duty, however his instinct told him something was off.

The night breeze was cooling, while some drops of sweat trickled down his face.

“This…is a chance too. Saving the queen or also I could defeat Shio and…rule until the queen…”

The young man felt as if a dagger was piercing his chest, he fell on his knees and put his hand over his chest plate.

“What am I thinking? I…I must follow the queen’s will…What is wrong with me?! I…cannot be thinking this.”

He put his helmet back on and returned to his post. What was that negative impulse just now? Deciding to see if he could get new information on the queen he hurried on to the palace.

Beat’s note:

A guardian with conflicts and…ambitions? He is the first of the seven shoguns in “Deep blue” I based his attacks on ocean phenomena, as waves, pressure and such. Also I like how his mystery ended up. He is a good guy, though too stubborn and lonely to admit so. His Birthday was the 3rd weekend of july, which in japan is ocean day, a nod to his title. Also a good target for romance, His romantic interest might appear soon!

There's no change reflected in my clean eyes along the roadside.
A whirlwind has coiled around my wrists
Making a vow to the wounds I got from my past self.

The blue sky is wrapped in grey
I've waited impatiently as the wind caresses my shoulders and ask:

'Who are the rivals who are allies with others?'
It's easier than being afraid
So I run, striking out my fists again
Driving away the 'loneliness' lodged in my heart.

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PostSubject: Re: 7 Generals: The guardian of the North Atlantic, Kairyushin/Sea Dragon lord.   Sat Aug 08, 2015 3:42 pm


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7 Generals: The guardian of the North Atlantic, Kairyushin/Sea Dragon lord.

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